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#LEGOLANDPlayPass Pay for a Day……..

Play for the rest of 2016!

My son was a Lego-holic as a kid, when he turned 18 I donated all of his old Legos to a local school for a Gate program but wish I had kept them.  My grandson is now Lego-holic.  For his first trip to Legoland he was so overwhelmed he didn’t know where to look next.  We spent a lot of time in the building room where he could talk with others just like him.  Getting him to leave was no small feat!

Legoland PlaypassNow with the #LegolandPlayPass you can

Pay for a day; play the rest of 2016 FREE* with a LEGOLAND® Play Pass this summer! Enjoy unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California, now through December 25, 2016, with a LEGOLAND Play Pass on sale for a limited time and must redeem by July 31st, 2016. Experience the new LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride that’s now open! For more information visit .

On sale starting 7/1 – 7/31/16, must purchase and redeem in Park by July 31, 2016.  Price: $95 adult or child (ages 3+)

If your kid is a Lego-holic you may want to scroll down to the giveaway below and try to win FOUR tickets to Legoland (not the pass!).

I can’t wait to go back!


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*Terms and Conditions apply.  Exclusions: Admission to LEGOLAND California from 7/1 – 12/25/16, excluding Brick-or-Treat Party Nights event Saturday’s in October. Does not include Parking, retail, dining or any annual pass benefits.


Dipping in to the New Year – Giveaway!

It’s a new year, so why not try new things? No!  Not the Polar Dip!  The Chuck E. Cheese’s brand new Pretzel Dippers with delicious cheesy dipping sauce, at Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants nationwide.  The grand twins had their birthday dinner there on New Year’s Day and I have to say the food has improved greatly since my kids were little.

“Soft pretzels have been an American favorite for years, so we’re excited to bring our guests a dip-friendly, share-centric variety of this old standby,” said Chef Gregory Casale, senior director of culinary innovation for CEC Entertainment, Inc. “Our mom and kid-approved pretzel sticks are great for the whole family and a delicious treat to complement any of Chuck E. Cheese’s taste-test winning pizzas, salads or wraps.”

Pretzel Dippers will only be available until March 31, so don’t miss the chance to get your hands on these salty, cheesy treats before they’re gone.   If you miss them, I also highly recommend the cheesy bread.  Trust me on this one.


Oh yeah I mentioned a giveaway, silly me, I am getting forgetful in my old age (p.s. my birthday is February 8, if anyone would like to send me a Glen Ivy gift card!).  Here it is:

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The Grands are Looking Forward to the Good Dinosaur

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Shaun the SHeep Activity Sheets

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It’s Spooooooky!

We were lucky to be invited to attend the opening day of Knott’s Spooky Farm.  I don’t do scary.  The twins don’t do scary.  Caitlyn on the other hand has no fear of ANYTHING.

masked dogSince the invitation was only for myself and 3 family members I was on my own with the grands.  I enlisted the help of some friends who have season passes, and they took Caitlyn on all the big kid rides while the twins and I worked our way through Camp Spooky quite happily.

I posted a ton of pictures on Instagram and Facebook, you are following me on both right?  If you search the hashtag #Knottsspookyfarm you can see some amazing pictures from people who are actually good at taking pictures.

Kids can take part in “Snoopy’s Costume Contest and Dance Party” and also visit the Camp Spooky Theatre to view “The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown”, a new Halloween show where everyone will be singing and dancing along to all their favorite Halloween tunes. Kids of all ages can join in the fun with spooky karaoke and mask making at the “Monster Masquerade Ball Karaoke” or go Trick-or-Treating at Ghost Town where friendly ghosts deliver delicious treats. At the “Spooky Hollow Maze” kids will travel through a spooky forest with gigantic jack-o-lanterns and encounter a headless horseman! In the Creepy Crawler Cabin Knott’s Park Naturalist will amaze children of all ages with her slithery, slimy, creepy, crawly critters.  We of course did none of that.  “Too scary”!

halloween-decorations-at-knottsOn our way out we passed through the rest of Knott’s as they were getting ready for KNott’s Scary Farm.  At one point we saw that there were spider webs on everything.  Madilyn about wet herself.  We had a long conversation about it actually being cheesecloth (which they thought the name was hilarious!) and that I had some in my kitchen at home.  After explaining everything she finally got brave enough to touch it and realized it was smooth and soft not sticky like a real spider web.

All in all it was a really good day.  If you take your kiddos post your photos and let me know.  I love kids in costume!


Tis the Season for Knotts

The entrance of Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park...

The entrance of Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my employees at the rink bought her entire family Knott’s Season Tickets for Christmas last year.  She is a part time employee making minimum wage going to community college.  That’s how inexpensive it is to buy season tickets.  She used the easy pay monthly payment system.  For a family of 4 it cost her approximately $50 per month for 9 months to have 4 season tickets with NO BLACKOUT dates and a parking pass (only one).  That’s a total of $450!  That’s almost how much I paid for my lowest on the totem pole all kinds of blackout dates season pass to the themepark just down the road!

There are many different options:

2016 Regular Season Pass

Buy your 2016 Season Pass and enjoy unlimited visits in 2016 with no blackout dates plus discounts on food and merchandise! For a limited time, New Passholders will receive one free 2015 visit. Renewing Passholders will receive a special renewal price and one free Fast Lane to use any day when Fast Lane is sold through 12/18/15!  9 payments of $9.00 = $81!

2016 Gold Season Pass

Upgrade to a 2016 Gold Season Pass and enjoy 2 Parks, including all the thrilling rides at Knott’s Berry Farm and cool slides at Knott’s Soak City Waterpark. It pays for itself in less than 2 visits! New Passholders will receive one free 2015 visit. Renewing Passholders will receive a special renewal price and one free Fast Lane to use any day when Fast Lane is sold through 12/18/15. 9 payments of $10.75 = $96.75

2016 Platinum Pass

Enjoy world record breaking roller coasters and thrill rides at any Cedar Fair amusement and outdoor water parks in the U.S. & Canada. This premium pass entitles you to unlimited admission, free parking, and a huge list of exclusive benefits during the 2016 public operating days. New Passholders will receive one free 2015 visit. Renewing Passholders will receive one free Fast Lane to use on any day when Fast Lane is sold through 12/18/15. For a just a little more, you sure do get a lot! 9 payments of $21.00 = $189!!!!!  And I can go to CEDAR POINT IN OHIO!

2016 Season Pass + Dining

With a Season Pass Plus All-Season Dining, you get all the exclusive benefits of being a Season Passholder, plus one lunch and one dinner at participating locations throughout the park every day you visit Knott’s Berry Farm in 2016. Beverages are not included. 9 payments of $20.00 = $180!  You know you have that one big eaqter in the family!

***NOTE: None of the above passes include special events such as Knotts Scary Farm
Does this sound like an advertisement?  Well it kind of is.  GigaSavvy is allowing me to bring the grands to a special day of Camp Spooky (that’s about the level of “scary” I can handle during the Halloween season) in exchange for this post.  All the opinions and words are my own (except the ones I cut and pasted from their site).  I have no official affiliation or relationship with Knotts Berry Farm (although I am open to any relationship with practically anyone at this point!).


It’s as Easy as Riding a Bike

Guardian_Logo_CyanWhen I took on more responisbilities at work last year, I cut back (WAY BACK) on blogging.  I miss it.  Thanks to the wonderful people at Gigasavvy, they invited me to check out some new bikes that will be safer and easier for the grands to use.

My grands are apartment dwellers.  They don’t get many chances to ride bikes and as such dont share my gear hungry attitude for bike accessories.  They each have a bike at Aunt Kathy’s house but are hesitant to ride them without assistance.  Caitlyn still thinks she needs training wheels, but I think if her confidence grew her ability would as well.

Matthew wouldn’t try riding at all during the event, Caitlyn would only ride with assistance.  Madilyn didn’t want to get off, she was trying so hard to do it on her own but I think her excitement got the best of her.  Bless the hearts of the owners/devolpers of Guardian Bikes and their employees, they all at one point or another held on to the back of Madilyn’s bike and helped her along.

guardian.july2015_prototypes.50Guardian Bikes CEO Brian Riley’s focus on bike safety has a long history. Riley was inspired by his grandfather experiencing a terrible bike accident. He flipped over the front of his bike, ultimately landing him in traction. Wanting to keep other bike riders from experiencing what his grandfather did, Riley invented new braking technology called SureStop. SureStop brakes employ a single hand lever that operates both the front and rear brake simultaneously, making it virtually impossible to flip over the front of your bike due to a sudden stop. But Riley wanted to take things further.  He realized there was a whole group of vastly underserved people when it comes to bike safety: kids. Riley founded Guardian Bikes with the intention of preventing the millions of bike accidents that happen to children each year. Guardian Bikes use SureStop brake technology, among other features, to allow children to explore the world in motion with confidence.

Guardian Bikes come complete with the following safety features:

SureStop Brakes

  • No front wheel lockup
  • Easier for children–only one lever controls both brakes

Easy Ride Geometry

Wheel base is extended and bottom bracket is lowered or an overall lower center of gravity, making the bike harder to tip over and easier to ride.

Sturdier Steering

Guardian Bikes’ steering components make it easier for kids to steer as they ride


Mostly made of aluminum, Guardian Bikes are easier for a child to control due to their light weight

High Quality Components

  • SureStop Brakes
  • Shimano shifting
  • Kenda tires
  • Double wall rims for durability

Some facts about Guardian Bikes

  • For children ages 4-12
  • Designed in 20” and 24” size frames
  • Designed in bold colors and patterns for both boys and girls
  • The only children’s bikes with
  • SureStop brake technology
  • Officially launching September 2015
  • Will be available online and at specialty retailers
  • Priced at $399

I don’t know if that is a price point I can afford (especially times three!), but if they move to a house where they can ride more often it will be well worth it (as a santa gift).

Why Do You Care?

Why do you care

  • which restroom anyone goes in?  Do you have segregated restrooms at home?  Is someone going to see something in a stall through a wall?  Ditch the urinals and make all restrooms unisex.
  • who anyone wants to marry? Are they asking to marry you? Worry about the sanctity of your own marriage.
  • who anyone wants to sleep with? Are they asking to sleep with you?  Are they sleeping with you part of the time?  Keep yourself and your partner happy.
  • what kind of pet someone has?  Are they living in your house?  Is it getting in to your yard? Take care of your animals.
  • what anyone does for a living? Are they paying your bills? Keep your self maintained.
  • what if any religion anyone practices? Are you happy with your beliefs? Let me be happy with mine.
  • what anyone wears? Are they wearing your clothes? If you didn’t give birth to them it isn’t any of your business.
  • how someone adorns their body? Are they forcing you to get a tattoo or a piercing? If it isn’t impaling you it shouldn’t involve you.

Seriously, folks, everyone needs to calm down and reexamine their own worth and beings and keep your hands and beliefs to yourself.


La County Fair Food

Once again I was invited to taste the new treats put out by the delectable food vendors at the LA County Fair. Once again they did not disappoint!
I didn’t get a chance to do an official interview with Chicken Charlie but we did chat for a bit “off the record”.  HA!  We talked about his newest creation the Deep Fried Peanut Butter Pickle.  He said he got the idea when his wife was pregnant and she was craving peanut butter.  He thought don’t women usually crave pickles when they are pregnant?  Why don’t I put the two of them together?  BINGO! As he was telling us this story I thought don’t women (not me mind you) crave pickles and ice cream?  So I said, “Why didn’t you make it a la mode?”  He loved the idea and said we may see that next year.  I completely released any hold I had on it and gave the idea to him fuilly (this is public acknowledgement of that release).  Now when he make his fortune (HA!) off that idea maybe he will toss me a few deep fried oreos in recognition.
The Fair opens this Friday, September 4, 2015 and runs until Sunday, September 27, 2015.  If you are itching to go you can get your Season Pass or buy your ticket at the door.  While you are there you can use the handy dandy Food Finder to find exactly what you want to eat.
I took my friend Sheila with me (she’s like Mikey, she’ll try anything!) and here are her notes about all the food she tried.  My notes will follow hers in RED.  A photo gallery is at the bottom of the post.
Chicken Charlie
  • Slim Fast Bar- All due respect to the Slim Fast people, but the BEST way to eat a Slimfast Bar is breaded and deep fried. It’s kinda sweet, Kinda chocolaty,  kinda bad, but its a SLIMFAST BAR. Try it.  I will never eat a Slim Fast bar any other way again (Hell, I will never eat another Slim Fast bar).
  • Bacon chicken and waffles- the  waffle is a cinnamon batter. The chicken winglette is bacon wrapped maple sweet and deliciousness. If the thought of chicken and waffles makes you say WHAT?! try this.  I didn’t care for the waffle but that could be because it was cold by the time I tried to eat it.  The cinnamon batter had a good flavor but the waffle was more of a belgian waffle than a homemade one like I get at Roscoe’s.  The chicken is a small leg or whatever all dark meat.  I don’t like dark meat (except in my men buh dum ching) so I just picked at the bacon wrapped around it.  That was very well cooked and tasty!
  • Fried Guacamole- yep, me too. It was surprisingly excellent. A fresh and light avocado flavor. If a fried food could taste healthy, this is it. The guacamole went from a Latino delicacy to a Middle Eastern humus- falafel type dish. Nope, not me.
  • Peanut Butter Pickle- Fair Food Challenge….. yea, nope not me either.  Although my friend Jessica said she liked it so there’s that.
Cornucopia Foods
  • Spicy PB&J Burger- sweet and savory heat. Do it. If they hadn’t put Siracha on this, I may have tried it.
  • We missed the Chicken and Waffles in a Cone, but it looks like crispy fired chicken and waffles dusted in powdered sugar presented in a waffle cone. Should be yummy. Dang it!  Definitely getting this when I go back after the Fair opens!
Lori’s Concessions
  • Tasti Chips…. Tasti Chips are hands down my favorite thing to get at the Fair.  I can walk around all day munching on the parmesan garlic chips (and pay for it with heartburn all night long).
  • New Cuban Fusion Burger- With the US-Cuba relations opening, I want a more authentic Cuban Sandwich. What should have been a special kind of tasty ham and cheese was actually salty ham and Spam -type mystery patty with pickles disappointment.  I don’t do Spam.
  • Deep fried Cinnamon Apple Rings – good batter flavor. Be sure to eat these hot.  I really wanted to like these.  I think if they were hot they would have been amazing and will be something Marisa will enjoy.  
  • Deep Fried Pork Roll- Nope, a waste of deep frying. Stick with the beef sundae. The meat flavor is good and smokey. The fried wrap make the meat seem dry.  Looked like a deep fried burrito, no thanks.
  • Deep Fried Battered Corn- Classic Fair food. Once you get through the deep fried corn batter, the corn on the cob inside is in need of your personal flavor additions; which are there for your addition.  Disclaimer – A toothless woman eating corn on the cob is not a pretty picture. So I didn’t taste this one, but I was highly intrigued.
  • Deep Fried Corn- Clearly taste like frozen corn but is fried in good flavored oil. Adding your own seasonings makes this  corn. Because of the aforementioned issue I scraped some of this off the cob and like Sheila said it tasted like frozen corn, but the seasonings on it were good.
Pink’s Hot Dog’s
  • Chili Cheese Pastrami Fries- Salty cacophony of flavors that should have been good, but failed. You couldn’t get me to touch this with a ten foot pole.
  • Bam Hot Dog slathered in jalepeno’s – Neither of us actually ate this, but Jessica devoured it so it must be good!
Los Angeles International Wine Competition
  • Be sure to check out the Wine Education Program. Taste over 200 Gold Medal Winning Wines. View more than 2,000 international wine, spirits and extra virgin olive oil winners.
  • Stella Rosa Peach is featured by the glass. It has a peach nose that actually delivers a pleasant sparkling fresh peach taste.

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