Why is it every time I tell some one that I have developed fluid on the bad knee and I am going in tomorrow to have it aspirated they make this face?


How is that helping?


So yes, it seems just before I had the injection I started developing fluid on the knee.  The injection seems to be working, in that, my ability to walk longer distances without dying is better and my generalized pain is lower.  But the fluid is making it unbearable at times to straighten my knee to it’s full potential, you know, like how straight it needs to be for things like, standing, walking, living.  Minor issue.

Tomorrow someone will once again stick a needle in my knee and this time take stuff out instead of put stuff in.  I hate needles.  But instead of wincing, I will grin and bear it and look at this “aspiration” as an “inspiration”.  Hopefully with this I will be able to be pain free or at least free”er” than I am now.

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