Being a Dad Doesn’t Emasculate You But Being a Dick Does

A few weeks ago there was talk on the talk show circuit that men were found to have less testosterone after their children were born. How ridiculous is that? I am too lazy to go and find the study or to give you facts (or what they are claiming are facts) because I refuse to believe it. I never gave it a second thought until today.

I was working Blog World Expo this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center and a Media person was checking in. As he was waiting for his credentials to be approved he was perusing the program. He made fun of the Mom Bloggers listed as speakers and then noticed the Dad Bloggers, “Dad Bloggers? Doesn’t being a Dad Blogger pretty much emasculate you?”

Normally when someone from Show Management is working with a client I just fade out and go about my own business of looking busy, but his comment struck a chord with me and I couldn’t help but whip my head around and go HUH?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and took him to task rattling off the names of Dad Bloggers who are “kind of a big deal” on the internet and are in no way whatsoever emasculated.  I told him he needed to stop in on the panel with Jim Lin and Kevin Metzger where he would see the only thing emasculating Jim was his weak ass mustache (sorry Jim).

The man gave me a blank stare and turned away.  He didn’t say another word while he was at the counter, so I hope he was sufficiently admonished.

Look at this picture.  Not only is it not emasculating, it is HOT!  This is going around on Face Book with women all over the world commenting on how sexy it is to see a man practicing “baby wearing”.

Embrace fatherhood, men.  Know that being a Dad does not emasculate you, know that it makes you sexier to your spouse.

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  1. I love your title! I’m going to use it in life and pretend I came up with it. And don’t men know they’re never hotter than when they’re loving their kids? WTF?

  2. I wish you could tell me who that was because my weak ass movember moustache and I would be more than happy to settle it in the ring with him. Then again, maybe he’s too manly to get beat down by a “daddy blogger” Muay Thai fighter.

    Thanks for setting him straight. I just wish I were there. Also, thanks for not laughing too hard at my weak ass facial hair when we met.

  3. Melissa Metcalf says:

    Two words. Ron Mattocks.

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