I went in for my biopsy on Wednesday, I think I was more anxious about the needle than the actual reason for the test.  No matter the results, there is nothing I can do to change the out come.  It’s not like I could have studied more, or even ate better or not smoked for 20 years.  Breast cancer has no sound rhyme or reason as of now.

When I went in to the procedure room (it was done at the hospital, but not in an operating room, just the same room as the ultrasound the previous week), the technician handed me my pink shawl and asked me to disrobe my top half and said she would give me privacy to do so.  I laughed.  “Is it really necessary to “give me privacy” to change when two seconds later, you’re going to remove said shawl and rub gel all over my breast and possibly fondle it as well (in a totally professional manner of course)?”  She laughed as well, and said it was standard procedure.  okie dokie.

Before Dr. Chen came in the tech did some ultrasound work and seemed to have a hard time locating the mass.  She even went so far as to say as much to me.  I could feel it, and pointed it out to her, but with the machine, it wasn’t coming up as something out of the ordinary.  As this was to be an Ultrasound Guided Biopsy, that could pose a problem.  When the Dr. arrived she tried as well and mentioned that since they were having an issue she wanted to do an MRI to get a better look.  She left the room and returned moments later.

This is where it gets good, this is where I start to cry, this is where our country has failed all of us.

Because I have no health insurance, I am receiving care via a medi-cal program called Breast Cancer Early Detection Program Every Woman Counts.  It provides mammograms and pap smears to women over the age of 40 free of charge and if anything is found, it provides treatment.

What it doesn’t provide however, is the best treatment or even the best detection.  The MRI was refused.  I don’t know why, I don’t know specifics, but the doctor came back in the room saying that an MRI is not allowed on that program.

She clearly stated that she didn’t know if she could get a good reading on the biopsy without it and that she would still go ahead and do it with only the ultrasound since it “was better than not doing it at all”.

Again, I know that whatever, if anything, is inside me, there is nothing I can do to change the fact that it is there, but I can do something about it if we find it EARLY enough.  Now, if the results come back as being benign, will I always have that niggling in the back of my head, is it really, or can’t they see it?

This is where I get political.

I don’t care about party lines.  I care about people, ALL PEOPLE.  I care about tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, orange people and purple people.  And I care that ALL people should have better than adequate health care.  Yes, I know that we have the Best health care in the world, if you can afford it.  Don’t you think if I could afford the MRI I would have paid for it myself?

I have not read the Health Care Reform Bill.  I will not speak for or against the President’s plan or Congress’ plan or anybody’s opinion but my own.  I haven’t even watched the President’s address to Congress yet.

All I know is we/I need health care reform, I am not talking about Health Insurance Reform.  I don’t want everyone to be able to receive health insurance.  I want the health insurance companies to be put out of business.  I want to see ALL Americans receive the same Health Care no matter their status or stature.

Again, this is my opinion, what’s your’s?

  • 3T MRI detects ‘early’ breast cancer not seen on mammography and sonography (
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  1. Adrienne, I am crying with you because you are right, your country has failed you. I stand with you in your belief that health care is a human right. I’m sending you love and healing light.

  2. Here, here.

  3. Everyone, no matter what their age, size, job, or stature in life is, deserve to get health care. It’s sad that not everyone gets the same health care benefits just because they can’t afford to pay for premium health insurance. I’d like to see the day when health care is available to absolutely every citizen of this country. But then again, that sounds like a lofty goal. Hopefully, though.
    Wishing and praying for you to get better..

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