Candy Crushers Anonymous

【APP遊戲】Candy Crush Saga

【APP遊戲】Candy Crush Saga (Photo credit: Albert.hsieh)

“Hi, my name is Adrienne, and I am a Candy Crush addict.”

“Welcome Adrienne.”

“I have been sober for 12 hours and am taking it one minute at a time.”


Candy Crush started out as a fun little game that hundreds of my face book friends were playing and I was getting multiple invitations to play every day.  I gave in and took the plunge.  It was simple, sort of like Bejeweled but with more additions to keep it interesting.

But, interesting comes at a price.  Yes, I have spent actual cash money on this damn game.  I am embarassed to say how much.  While at Disneyland and Legoland last week I maxed out my credit card (relax it is a VERY low amount) and that caused me to react like a crack addict begging her dealer for a front.

Because of Candy Crush I have over 100 emails that have not been answered.  I was beginning to sneak in games at work on both the computer and my phone.  I would play in the bathroom, in bed at night and the morning and anywhere I could.

I take great measures in my life to curb addictions.  I will hit my 20 year anniversary for quitting smoking next year.  I purposely do not drink alcohol.  I stick to ibuprofen for pain.  The only addiction I have not mastered is food.  When I realized the the time and yes money this “game” had claimed from my life I realized it was too much and I had to take back control.

I have deleted it from my phone and blocked it on face book.  My life is my own again.

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  1. Wow! I’m pretty obsessed with this game, but I refuse to pay for any Facebook games. I’m not sure why since I will buy console games. But the constant microtransaction model really bugs me. Congrats on realizing that you were spending too much and being able to back away!

  2. Haha, I love that game! I got it a couple weeks ago, and have played it quite a bit. The one I’m really hooked on though is Bubble Galaxy.

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