Conscientious Memories


  1. Welcome back . If you find the cure to food addiction please share .

  2. Agnes Jackson says:


    We’ve been friends for many years.. I know I have many wonderful memories of our times together. Of course our lives have changed ( for the better for the most part lol) and we don’t spend as much time as I’d like.. Life is a jorney and you’ve had some bumpy roads, but you’ve cured all your ailments. So what if you can’t control potato chips.. start with a half bag and gradually less and less.. consider what you did early on and be proud of all you’ve accomplished.
    You have a beautiful, loving family ! Tell people that’s your glass of wine
    Love you my friend!

  3. Love this Adrienne!!!

  4. Love this! Sometimes the rash decisions lead to the best “consequences” like pretty grandbabies. As one who has offered you a drink I can say with total confidence that you are fun as hell without one. And yes people understand the 12 steps more than they understand concrete decisions.

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