There are conspiracy theorists ranting everywhere about almost every issue you can think of.  From Israel being behind 9/11 to airlines banding together to gouge prices during the summer.

In other countries you hear about elections being fixed and ballot boxes being stuffed.  Thanks to our Democratic voting system you don’t hear about those things here as much. On a side note, I do think we should have to show ID to vote, simply so we know the voter is who they say they are, but like Kathy, I digress.

I am not a radical political person.  I am pretty much middle of the road with a leaning towards the Left.  I am registered Democrat but have voted for Republicans.  I am anti illegal immigration and pro choice, I am for single payer health care and for drug testing all social services recipients (including unemployment, food stamps and social security).  You could say I am Bi-Political, I go both ways.

I too have a conspiracy theory and I have been contemplating it for a while.  Bear with me.

When John McCain received the Republican nomination in 2008 there were many logical choices for Vice President, including many of those that are running now in 2012.  Instead the Republican Party (not McCain) chose Sarah Palin, a virtual nobody, with extreme leanings and many personal issues (unwed pregnant teenage daughter, special needs child and being a Tina Fey look-a-like to name a few).  The choice came out of nowhere, not even those who are staunch Republicans saw this coming.  But they stood by their party and tried to support their candidates to the best of their abilities.  Supporting even to the point of trying to make sense out of some things that Sarah Palin said that were so inarticulate she had her best supporters caught in a crossfire.

It is my belief that this was a deliberate ploy to throw the election.  Hear me out.

I think the “higher ups” in the Republican Party knew what a mess George W. Bush had made and knew there was no way in hell any President would be able to clean it all up within 4 years.  So, who better to blame for the mess not getting cleaned up than a Democratic President?  Why have another of your guys in there trying to clean up after his bretheren and make it look even worse for the Party?  I think it was also a bonus for the Republicans that the Democratic Nominee was going to be either a woman or an African -American man, it was a win win.  If the mess doesn’t get cleaned up in 4 years (and really no one in their right mind could think it would) they can say, see we told you a woman/African-American wasn’t up for the job, we knew they couldn’t put this country to rights.

Throughout the last 3 years the Republican Party (and their fair and balanced news stations) have been decrying the President on every turn.  Saying he hasn’t done enough to create jobs, or balance the budget.  I will not get in to (right now) the idiocy of those statements, because that is another post in and of itself, don’t worry it is coming.  Now in 2012, they are trying to capitalize on the parts of the mess that are still there.

Just like the players on Survivor who threw a challenge so they could vote off the guy they didn’t like, their plan is backfiring.  The panel of fools I see every time there is a Republican Debate is laughable.  The people over at are being kept in business by simply watching debates every week and correcting all the inaccuracies that are being stated.

Personally, I would lean toward Mitt Romney (who I think will eventually get the nomination), but remember I am a registered Democrat.  I think he and I think along the same lines, but he is afraid to say it out loud.

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  1. I’m scared of all of them. Sometimes I wonder if they are taking crazy pills.

  2. Very interesting theory, some of it supported by Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue” In it she asked: “Don’t they want to win?”

    My choice for the nomination is Herman Cain. Why oh why did he have that woman in his past?

  3. Hmm. I’m not much of one for conspiracy theories, but you may be on to something here. On the other hand, even though Obama won 4 years ago, it was not a runaway election — it was still pretty close.

  4. Can’t say I’ve thought of it in those terms before, but politics gets crazy enough that you might be on to something. And I like that “Bi-Political” label–you might be on to something with that, too.

  5. You are a bold woman to take on this topic, Adrienne! Let’s just hope you don’t get any late-night visits from agents in dark coats! And now I’m curious – do you think there was a conspiracy afoot in the 2000 presidential election?

  6. Adrienne your conspiracy theory is not far from what Rush Limbaugh spent one hour explaining on today’s radio show. He exposed the fact that “patrician” republicans are doing everything in their power to keep a conserative candidate from winning the nomination. These are the same people that did not want Christine O’Donnel to win the senatorial race in Nevada. They said: OK, you won the nomination now show us how you are going to win without our help because we are not going to help you. She did lose.

  7. Eva Smith of Tech.Food.Life. says:

    I wish there were more choices. The choices out there today are not good.

  8. Sugar Jones says:

    Adrienne, I love you.

    I just told my husband that you and I agree on so many things, even though we lean to different sides of the aisle. I have been saying this ever since he called off his campaign. I was driving into the North end of the Redwoods and almost ran off the road. I couldn’t get any radio signal the whole time I was driving. I drove straight through waiting to hear the rest of his sorry ass reasons for throwing the election. I’m sure he never intended to win. I never liked him. Ask my father-in-law. He threw a remote control at me over the McCain argument years before he ran.

    I don’t think I made any sense, but my computer is about to die and I just wanted you to know that you and I were separated at birth. Or at least our brains and hearts were. :)

  9. Chridtine says:

    First and most important…I love you, too! :)

    Second, Interesting theory. I’ve actually wondered the same thing…but I take it a step further. I’ve wondered if both parties weren’t doing the same thing. Rather than Hillary being the nominee, a virtual unknown Senator with very little experience was the Democratic nominee. His VP choice was one many laughed at even the THOUGHT of being selected, as Biden was well known for saying and doing goofy things.

    The election wasn’t a runaway…it could have, and many say WOULD have, if the stock market hadn’t crashed in October 2008. McCain had been ahead in polls until then.

    And I agree this mess wasn’t going to be completely fixed in four years. For that reason, the Obama admin never should have made the myriad of promises they did regarding the Stimulus, Obamacare (e.g., Pelosi stated it would create 400k jobs immediately), Tarp 2, GM bailout, etc. They’ve fallen short on just about every metric.

  10. Christine says:

    Whoops. That was supposed to be Christine (nowatchme), not Cridtine. Hee…

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