Curious George Dance Contest

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Curious George is still celebrating the arts. He is now dancing up a storm and hosting a fun dance contest for kids! Who doesn’t love to dance? Not only is it fun but it’s a great form of exercise and self-expression.

I tried to get the twins to dance to the Curious George theme song for their new contest but they had other things on their mind.  Madilyn loves to dance, she will dance while eating, while watching TV, while reading, but Matthew he is a bit shier, he will only dance when no one else is looking.  If you pull out the camera Madilyn will run right in front of it and Matthew will run away.  So much for twins being alike. LOL

I found the music channels on the TV, I never realized there was a Toddler Music channel, so now that is what is on our TV most times.  I like cartoons and movies with them but music I much prefer music in the back ground while they play. 

The Curious George Dance Contest is a great chance to get your kids up and dancing.  the video they are looking for is to the Curious George theme song which can be downloaded for free from the contest website.  Then just follow the directions on the site and voila, you’re entered!

There are so many advantages to dancing for all ages!  Even us old fogies with bad knees and hips can groove a little.  (No you are not getting a video of me dancing, this post isn’t paying me enough for that.)  But I will give you a little video of Madilyn getting her groove on.

Now you need to get up off the couch, download the theme song and dance dance dance!


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  • Dancing With the Stars – Season 14, Episode 1 (
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  1. I want to see you dance too!! I’m definitely submitting a video of my son and his dance moves. Heck, I may join the fun too! :)

  2. So cute! Love the video. I think I want to upload one of the kids dancing and who knows maybe I can bust a move or two :)

  3. I am always down to shake what my Mama gave me!!!!

  4. My kids are too old for this, but it’s EXACTLY what they’d have loved when they were toddlers!

  5. It’s a cute contest, but my teens have been out of the Curious George loop for a while now. Now I missing the little monkey!

  6. That is too cute! I’ve got to get Dee on film shaking her booty.

  7. Okay, I’ve got to do this!

  8. This is super cool! Two things I love – Dancing & Curious George!

  9. Haha, So cute!

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