Dancing With the Stars – All Stars – Week 2

It really wasn’t a surprise to anyone to see Pam Anderson go home last week.  What was surprising was to see Drew Lachey in the bottom 2.  You all know I hope to see the “winners” go home first, so let’s get those votes going LOL.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani – Jive (Shout): This is the dance that broke her ribs during her season.  They had the perfect song choice and took good advantage of it.  My untrained eye thought her kick flips could have been sharper and her moves a bit crisper, but what do I know?  Obviously only as much as Bruno!  Score: 23.5

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas – Quick Step (Redneck Woman): Bristol talks about how excited she is to dance to this song, how it describes her as a person.  I have to say, I care not a whit for her mother and her politics, but something about this girl has endeared her to me.  And seeing her mom in the audience each week and cheering her on does a mom’s heart proud.  I enjoyed her dance even with all the technical faults (which were more the fault of her professional than her own).  Score: 18

Helio Castreneves and Chelsie Hightower – Jive (Everybody Talks): Something about Helio makes me feel icky.  Is it the constant smile or the creepy laugh I don’t know.  But the man can dance, I’ll give him that.  Score: 23 

Apolo Anton Ono and Karina Smirnoff – Quick Step (Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days): Absolutely beautiful choreography.  Karina did an amazing job and Apolo did it justice. And the judges thought so too!  Score: 24.5

Sabrina Bryant and Louis Van Amstel – Quick Step (Black Betty): Crazy choreography wouldn’t be Louis if it wasn’t right?  I’m glad to see they kept the “dangerous” move in by jumping up the stairs.  Sabrina floated through that dance and did amazing.  She was the “fan favorite” Ya’ll better keep voting for her.  Score: 26

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerskovskiy – Jive (): I love these two together, they play off each other so well.  It is unreal to me that she is 61 years old.  She did amazing.  Score: 21

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke – Quick Step (): Something about football players and dancing.  He talked some smack during the practice piece, too bad his dancing didn’t live up to it. Score: 22.5

Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya – Jive (Dance Dance): He’s Baaaaaaaack!  Now he needs the voters to realize it.  The judges are scoring him well but his fan base isn’t stepping up.  Score: 22.5

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson – Quick Step (Creep): OMFG I can not reiterate over and over each season how much I ABHOR the “singers” on this show.  I loved Joey’s dance but the horrible singing of Radiohead’s Creep completely distracted me.  Score: 22.5

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough – Jive (The Nicest Kids in Town): These two are a good match.  Perhaps it is because she reminds me of his sister LOL.  She may be a “winner” but this could be my favorite dance of the night.  Score: 25

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerskovskiy- Quick Step (Who Says): Their practice piece was definitely the best of the night, if I can find a you tube of it, I will post it.  Score: 22

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd – Jive (Don’t Stop Me Now): I don’t want to say I am happy Gilles got hurt, but it did give a chance to get a shot of him in his underwear so there is that.  Shame that picture was ruined by his horrible costume and hairdo.  Of course with those amazingly long ass legs he rocked the hell out of the Jive.  Hamstring? What hamstring?  Score: 25.5

Bristol is the only dancer under 20 tonight, without her fan votes she is on par to be the next one to go.  DOn’t tell anyone, but I am going to go vote for her.

Who was your favorite?  Who are you voting for?

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  1. Okay. I’m with you on a lot of these, but….
    Bristol and Mark – you’re right that Mark needs to get slapped for breaking the rules, but come on – Bristol was not near sharp enough and while she’s better than a lot of the folks, she’s earned her place at the bottom of the pack.
    I’ve gotta give Helio some credit for his ability to dance, but he’s still the middle of this pack.
    And I love, love, love seeing Sabrina at the top. She got *so* robbed when she got voted off early in her season (that was the one Helio won – totally undeservedly, because Mel B got voted off way too soon and was kicking his backside).
    Alas, Kirstie is out of her league here, but I do hope Bristol goes home before she does simply because Kirstie is a much better dancer.
    Emmitt is like a lot of football players – okay to great at the Latin dances, not so good at straight up ballroom and it showed last night. Plus a lot of the earlier champs have to deal with the fact that the level of dancing has majorly improved over the last few seasons. Jerry Rice would’ve gone home before Pamela at current standards.
    Drew’s good, but like I just wrote, he’s an early champ and is up against much better dancers this time.
    Wasn’t bothered by the singing, but Joey is up against it, just like Drew is, and he hasn’t been as good. But he did a lot of improving during his season. It’ll be interesting to see how it all falls out.
    Giles? OMFG!! I’m still singing the Queen tune. Seriously? He totally rocked it. It’s going to be crowded at the top between Sabrina, Shawn, Apolo and Giles. Poor Melissa and Kelly – totally outclassed.
    P.S. Did I happen to mention that I got to dance with Derek Hough once?

  2. I think it’ll be Bristol to go home, or Kristie if all the election-excited Republicans who watch the show try to keep Bristol in for another week for their own reasons.Anyway, didn’t Kelly Monaco win this already a few years ago? Former champs shouldn’t be allowed back, that’s not cool. :)

    • There are a bunch of winners, Kelly won Season 1, Drew Season 2, Shawn, Helio and Apolo. I agree they shouldn’t be there, either do a season of ALL winners or all runners up. Of course this being “Hollywood”, they had to pick people whose schedules they could work around.

  3. Deborah Stambler says:

    Ladies–I love the blow by blow commentary, but I am out of my league here. I’m a So You Think You Can Dance fan. But I love the ratings and serious level of discourse. You’re awesome.

  4. Thanks for the recap…. I had missed it.


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