Dancing With the Stars – Season 14 Episode 4

Lots of rumors spreading around the interwebs this season, mostly about Jaleel White.  Is he the black sheep of the cast?  Is he facing domestic abuse charges? Do I care about any of that and do I think the judges should care? No.  he should be judge for his dancing and his dancing alone – by the judges.  Now, whether the “voters” will still support him, that is another story.

This week is Rock Week!  KISS opened the show with Rock n Roll All Night!  Wonder which member of the band will be a contestant on the show next season?!

Sherri and Val – Tango (Come On Feel the Noise, Quiet Riot): The Tango is one of the hardest dances, it isn’t fast but it is technical.  You have to hold a pose a certain way and can only be separated for a certain amount of time before and after the actual Tango part.  Sherri did a fine job with it.  Her only problem is that she is so soft and fluffy that she doesn’t do hard and edgy very well.  Her score of 21 is a let down, I hope her View-ers don’t let her down by not voting.

Katherine and Mark – Paso Doble: The Paso is one of my all time favorite dances.  I really liked the way Katherine danced tonight.  I know there were some “technical” errors but it still was very entertaining.  Scoring a 24 in a normal season for episode 4 is GREAT, but this team scored a 29 last week, so it is a bit of a let down.

Jaleel and Kym – Tango (Satisfaction ,Rolling Stones): I love how the professional dancers/choreographers work with the non traditional songs and make the classical dances work.  It always amazes me.  Unfortunately Jaleel’s dancing tonight was too loose for my liking for a Tango.  He needed to be a little stiffer and edgier.  The judges him a generous 22.

Melissa and Maks – Paso Doble: Can little Laura Ingles be the aggressor in a Paso?  HELLS YEAH!  Maks had a bit of a tumble but thankfully that doesn’t count against her.  Loved the costumes and even enjoyed the song.  That has never happened for me before LOL.  I think her score of 22 should have been a smidge higher.

Donald and Peta – Paso Doble (Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix): The old joke is that people used to sing the wrong words to this song.  Correct words are “‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky”.  Incorrect lyrics are more appropriate tonight “Excuse me while I kiss this guy!”  Maks and William have nothing on the body of Donald Glover!  To top it off he rocked the dance altogether.  The judges scored him a fitting 27.

Gladys and Tristan – Tango (Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen): As the only contestant that is an inductee to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, she better pull this off!  Oh well, hopefully she had fun.  her kicks were very low and her footwork was sloppy.  I think this may be her swan song.  With the low score of 20, I don’t think her fans can save her this week.

William and Cheryl – Jive (We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore, Twisted Sister): This is a guy who has no concept of a “Hair Band”, but what he has a concept of is dancing.  Unfortunately there was a breakdown during a trick move and his partner lost her shoe it through off his timing and could be his demise.  His screaming fan girls better get their votes out to help with his score of 22.

Roshon and Chelsea – Viennese Waltz: Roshon has the length of limbs to make a beautiful waltz I have been waiting for this.  Unfortunately he is more like a young duckling having to move like a swan.  It wasn’t horrible by any means, but it was kind of gaangly teenager awkward.  I don’t know what dance the judges were watching however since they gave him a score of 26.

Maria and Derek – Tango (School’s Out, Alice Cooper): Dancing with a stress fracture is actually common during Dancing With the Stars.  Possibly my favorite Tango of the night, but still not as “sharp” as I would think it should be.  The judges agreed with me in their criticism and actually I recited their scores before they showed them LOL.  A total of 26 for tonight should keep her safe another week.

Gavin and Karina – Tango (Paint it Black, Rolling Stones): He is the Rock n Roll performer of the group, this is his element.  Whoever was in charge of the lighting for this dance number needs to be slapped, I could hardly see anything.  The judges liked it so I guess that really is all that matters.   With a score of 23 even Gavin thinks he will be in the bottom 2 once again.

Wow, what a whirlwind of dances this week.  My pick for bottom 2 this week are Gavin and Gladys once again, with Gladys going home.

What do you think?


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  1. Poor Urkel, I wonder what’s going on with him? :( And also, Melissa Gilbert got whiplash last night and had to be “rushed” to the hospital, though I understand she’s feeling better now. Been quite a week.

  2. Since I don’t watch this show and don’t even have a TV, I love reading your weekly update and pretending I’m in the know!

  3. Seriously, how is Gavin Degraw still in the running for this? Well, it gives us one more week to try to get Shannon tickets to the show! You know he is her celebrity crush, right? Big time….

  4. I just love your recaps! I don’t have a lot of time this month….Doing a lot of TIVO ing : )

  5. I vote they put you on the show. I think its about time they have a “mommy blogger” on Dancing with the Stars. :)

  6. I know who to go to now for all things Dancing With The Stars!

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