Dancing With the Stars – Season 14 Episode 8

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All kinds of twists this season, you would think it is Big Brother and not just a little show about dancing.

This week we have a regular dance and then we also have a trio dance, where each couple picks someone from either the dance troupe or an eliminated pro to dance with.  There is also a double elimination happening this week.  To top it off Chris Brown will be performing at the results show this week.  Really ABC?!

I wish they had spread all these new things out in different seasons and not shoved them all in to one.

Donald and Peta – Tango (People): I enjoyed the hell out of this dance.  To my untrained eye it was damn near perfect.  To the trained eyes of the judges it was close to perfect as well.  They rewarded him with a score of 27.  Very good score.

Maria and Derek – Viennese Waltz: Last week they scored the first perfect score of the season.  This week during the East Coast Live feed my sister updated her face book status with this:

So I was intrigued and worried to watch them dance tonight.  The dance was beautiful.  She did an amazing job.  Bruno and Carrie Ann gave her flourishing remarks.  And then came Len.  Len criticized Derek for poor choreography.  Len criticized Derek for not utilizing his partner in a way that would make her a better dancer.  Len told Derek he was disappointed in him.  This is what bothers me most about this show (and mostly about Len) when a Pro makes a mistake the celebrity is punished.  Carrie Ann and Bruno both scored Maria with a 10 and Len gave her an 8.  Completely unfair.  Score the celebrity in their dance ability not the Pro for their shoddy choreography.

Melissa and Maks – Fox Trot (Maggie May): Poor thing, lots of foot missteps by both her and Maks.  had it not been for those this could have been her rise to the top but instead it will probably put her in the bottom two. The judges scored her triple 8’s which is low for this point of the competition.  This could be it for her (finally).

Katherine and Mark – Viennese Waltz: Totally distracted by the costumes.  Newsies meets Little Mermaid.  There was a minor “lift” when Mark twirled her, but I think that was more momentum than actual lift.  And that is the part the judges really didn’t like, go figure.  Carrie Ann even compared it to Cirque Du Soleil.  Carrie Ann was low man scoring her an 8 while the other two gave her a 9.  Total score of 26.  Let’s hope she does better in the trio.

Roshon and Chelsea – Fox Trot: I am so glad Roshon stayed after the dance off last week.  This was a fun dance to watch.  he had a small misstep but other than that it was on point and very entertaining. The judge agreed and gave them a score of 29, giving Roshon his highest score so far this season.

William and Cheryl – Fox Trot (Stray Cat Strut): Wow!  Fully clothed you can actually watch his dancing instead of his chest and I was not disappointed this week.  Great dance, great footwork, great score.  A perfect 30!

Now it is time for the Trio Dances:

Donald, Peta and Karina – Jive: OMG!  I fell in love with Donald Driver during this dance.  At the end of the dance he pulled both girls through his legs and after they stood up he leapfrogged over BOTH of them!  Holy Hell!  His footwork was spot on and his energy was just amazing.  So much fun to watch!  I don’t know what the hell Len and Bruno were smoking tonight by only giving them a 9!  Their 28 added to their 27 gives them 55 for the night.

Maria, Derek and Henry (troupe member) – Samba: Hmmmmm if your dance is the Samba why are you going Bollywood?  Because it fits the song and was awesome.  Whether or not there was much Samba in it or not, well I’ll leave that up to the judges.  Which is where Len comes in, he said “If I was judging a Bollywood number this would have been a 10, but I am judging a Samba”.  Again he gives the celebrity a low score as a punishment to the Pro.  Their score of 25 plus 28 gives them only a 53.  They better hope their fans vote!

Melissa, Maks and Val – Samba (Too Hot to Handle): A Chmerkovskiy sandwich?  Yes please! (btw I typed that before Carrie Ann said it LOL)  Whoa, a complete turnaround from their first damce tonight.  This may have saved her.  She got her highest score of the competition a 27 add that to her previous 24 and she still has a low 51.

Katherine, Mark and Tristan – Cha Cha Cha (She’s a Lady): A wardrobe malfunction didn’t even faze her!  Sign of a true professional.  She will be a definite on the tour whether she wins or not.  Scoring a 29 on the trio and adding that to their previous score of 26 gives her a 55.

Roshon, Chelsea and Sasha (troupe member) – Paso Doble: Roshon is a great dancer, unfortunately he is also a young man who is still baby faced and not assertive enough for a dance such as this.  He had a hard time keeping the smile off his face most of the time and his moves were too smooth instead of being strong and striking.  Of course that is my opinion, there’s no accounting for what judges think.  They gave him a 27 which when added to his 29 gives him a 56.

William, Cheryl and Tony – Paso Doble: Wanna win me over?  Put Cheryl in a gorgeous purple dress and I am pretty much yours forever (have I mentioned my girl crush on her?).  Tony was great as well, but it is hard to compare him with Tony.  There were a couple of syncing issues and because of that he won’t have a “perfect” night.  But putting his earlier score of 30 together with his trio score of 27 puts him in the lead for the night with 57.

I think the double elimination will be Melissa and Maria.  It kills me to say that and I am off to vote for Maria right now!

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  1. LOL @ Big Brother. This is where I feel like they really start to show some skills though. Love this stage!

  2. Gretchen says:

    What pissed me off the most about Len was giving the same score to Melissa that her just gave Derek, there was nothing comparable about them.

  3. A Chmerkovskiy sandwich? — best line ever.
    I haven’t watched this season at all and I’m not even quite certain who the stars are this season.
    And you’re right…Chris Brown? Ridiculous.

  4. I love that I can count on you for my weekly dose of reality TV LOL!


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