Dancing With the Stars – Season 14 Week 10 (AKA the Night a Plane Crashed in Glendale)

I was shocked last week when Maria and Derek were sent home.  But the show must go home.

Tonight is the Judge’s pick and the always fan favorite – the Freestyle! I like the Judge’s picks because they usually go with something they think the celebrity will excel in, they don’t try to throw them off course.

Judges Pick:

William and Cheryl – Cha Cha: I am confused.  William talks in the taped piece about how he started the competition dancing the Cha Cha, but I just went back over all the posts and he didn’t dance the Cha Cha until week 6.  Not quite the beginning my friend.  Never the less he does a fine job tonight.  There is no doubt his hips were made for dancing.  Looks like Bruno made a good choice for him.

And that is when the lights went out.  Black.  Loud growling noise and black.  Sounds like a transformer, so I think oh well, so much for tonight.  At least I will get to bed early.

Then after talking to our boarder, the smell of acrid smoke drifts in and we think there may be a fire somewhere.  Perhaps the transformer caused the fire or the fire caused the transformer to blow.  People are gathering down our street and helicopters and sirens abound.  We are a main thoroughfare for the city so the sound of sirens is not foreign.  But the number of sirens and the intensity of the helicopters urge me to grab my video camera and walk down my street.

I am barefoot, in my M&M pj bottoms, a white wife beater and braless.  Thank god it is dark out.  Here is the unedited video I shot.


I simply can’t believe my eyes.  It is hard to see in the film but there on the ground less than 50 feet in front of me is a plane.  And a few short feet from the plane you can see the firefighters working on the pilot, he is wearing a blue shirt.  I see later from news reports that he is ok.  Witnesses (who were almost hit by the plane when it crashed) say he walked away from the plane right after it hit the ground.

This pic is from the local news paper The Glendale News Press

The pilot is fine.  The passersby are fine.  I am fine.

The meat I just bought in my fridge however?  I don’t hold high hopes for that.


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  1. Megan @ Mama Bub says:

    That’s so crazy that the plane crash was so close to you!

  2. Your commentary is priceless!

  3. Sarah Auerswald says:

    Adrienne, I saw it on the news and had no idea you were so close to the action!

  4. The only word that comes to mind is…not appropriate to leave on someone else’s blog! So I’ll just say, GAH!

  5. Wow….that’s freaky!!!!

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