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English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time again.  The last time I did a How I Voted and Why post there was some tension caused and some feelings hurt (mine).

I am putting my positions out there, not to get your reaction or your opinions, I am putting them out there because I have been asked by others to do so.

This is not to influence anyone’s vote, nor to dissuade anyone’s vote, this is only to inform you of my personal decisions and last time I looked my name was still on the Masthead.

For the record, I watch NO news casts at all (not even the local news).  I do watch the Daily Show for comedic relief and I listen to some talk radio, Bill Handel and Jon and Ken, both of KFI.  However, I also spend a great deal of time READING every single proposition on the ballot, relating them to my own life experiences and expectations and form MY OWN opinions.

You can play along and read the Sample Ballot for my area here.

President – Barack Obama: This is a no-brainer for me.  It is quite possible that over the course of the next 4 years at least one if not 2 Supreme Court Judges will be appointed, I can not for any reason risk the fate of Roe v Wade or god forbid have a constitutional amendment entered forbidding marriage equality.

US Senator – Dianne Feinstein: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

US Representative – Adam Schiff: Adam is a friend and besides that he has done a good job in this position so far.

State Senator – Carol Liu: Again a friend and someone who I trust to have my best interest in mind.

Assemblymember – Mike Gatto: If someone of some credibility were to run against Mike I would consider them.  However his opponent this year is Greg Krikorian, someone that I would only vote for simply to get him off of our school board.  But better to have him reigned in on a small school board than unleashed on an entire Assembly District.

Los Angeles County District Attorney – Alan Jackson: This was a toss up. I have not been pleased with the work of our County DA over the last 10 years and will not vote for someone from that office, therefore I have to vote for the only other candidate.

Proposition 30 – Temporary Taxes to fund education.  Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment: This is where it gets tricky.  My knee jerk reaction is “more money for the schools” that’s a good thing right?  But no where in the proposition does it actually say the money will go to the schools.  It says a PORTION of the funds garnered from this new tax MAY go to schools.  I have seen first hand how administrators in my local school district have mismanaged funds (including to my personal detrement).  I can not in good faith vote for this.  NO.

Proposition 31 – State Budget.  State and Local Government.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute: This one is kind of tricky as well.  California is known for being fiscally irresponsible.  Governor Brown (who although I voted for him, I still think he is pretty much an idiot, I just thought Meg Whitman was more of an idiot), passed a fake budget back in June and told the schools “Run your district as if the proposition [see above] has already passed” (this is a quote from my local school superintendent Dick Sheehan.  That tells me that he is not going to be responsible enough to pass a 1 year budget why the hell should I give him the chance to screw up 2 years?  NO.

Proposition32 – Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction.  Contributions to Candidates.  Initiative Statute:  I am union born and bred.  I grew up in Detroit with not only UAW blood but UFCW and OPEIU.  I have been a member of the CSEA and the PEU and I know that for a long time Unions were the only voice workers had.  But times they are a changing.  There are unions, here in California, that have taken such great advantage of the government and have done some serious damage to their employees and to the public at large.  Right now, because of a Union President, our local school district may not be able to receive a 40 million dollar federal grant, because they need her signature.  She is holding her signature ransom and using it as a negotiating tool.  She was quoted as saying “the most important thing in the classroom is the teacher”.  wtf?  I thought the most important thing in the classroom was the student!  Too many union members are not of the same “party mind” as their union leaders and therefore their monies should not be used with out their discretion.  YES.

Proposition 33 – Auto Insurance Companies.  Prices Based on Driver’s History of Insurance Coverage.  Initiative Statute:  I think this is a good thing.  I already get a discount from my insurance company because I have been with them for over 10 years.  If I choose to switch I can continue such a discount because of having continuous coverage.  YES.

Proposition 34 – Death Penalty: If you watch closely you will see all of my siblings and my father roll their eyes at me and cuss at the screen.  I am pro death penalty and will not for any reason vote to repeal it.  NO.

Proposition 35 – Human Trafficking.  Penalties.  Initiative Statute:  Another one that on it’s face looks good but when you actually read the whole thing you think, what the hell were they smoking?  NO.

Proposition 36 – Three Strikes Law.  Repeat Felony Offenders.  Penalties.  Initiative Statute: No I do not want to repeal the Three Strikes Law.  Yes, I am sorry you were sent to prison for life for stealing a slice of pizza, but obviously you didn’t learn your lesson the first two times you were sent to jail.  Who is to say what is a “serious or violent” felony?  Would the fuckers who broke in our house be charged with a “serious” felony?  Probably not.  Do I think it was a “serious felony”?  Uh yea!  NO.

Proposition 37 – Genetically Engineered Foods.  Labeling.  Initiative Statute: I have friends working very hard on this campaign.  Friends who believe deeply and dearly that this is the right thing for our state and our world.  I could care less if there is labeling on our food packaging that states whether something contains ingredients that have been genetically modified.  Actually, I don’t think I want to know.  Sorry girls.  NO.

Proposition 38 – Tax to Fund Education and Early Childhood Programs.  Initiative Statute: This one is a fuck you to Jerry Brown by a couple of nit wits.  If these people put the millions of dollars they have spent getting this initiative on the ballot and the money they have spent on all of the advertising towards funding education and early childhood programs, I would probably support them in whatever they do.  But I simply can not support another tax increase for mis managed funds, especially for such a poorly written proposition. NO.

Proposition 39 – Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses. Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding.  Initiative Statute: I am afraid of how many businesses have already left California because of it’s increased taxes.  The way I understand this law as it stands now, multistate businesses do their taxes based upon each states tax laws and pick which one is most advantageous to them and go with it.  Don’t we all do that?  For years, I would do my taxes claiming my kids and Kathy would do her claiming them (we both provided enough for them over the years to qualify) and whichever worked out more advantageous would be the way we went.  NO.

Proposition 40 – Redistricting.  State Senate Districts. Referendum: This one is pretty much moot.  The sponsors of the proposition have recinded their claim to try and have the redistricting referendum overturned.  YES.

I will not bore you with the stupid county measures Los Angeles is voting on this time around, I actually laughed when I read one of them.

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  1. evasmith593589875 says:

    I agree with you on a couple of your choices and commend you for your honest opinion. 4 more years!

  2. Amelia (eating made easy) says:

    I admire you for posting all these…what a tradition & I love all your thoughts. I only wish I could convince you to vote YES ON PROP 37!!!!! 😉

  3. TheMacMommy says:

    Great post. I enjoyed reading it and your logic. I also want more transparency in the way our money is spent and to be sure it’s going where they say it is. Mismanaged funds drive me batshit crazy. For that very same reason, I also want to know how our food is managed by requiring labels for genetically modified food so we can all make better choices. I DO want to know what’s in the food-like things I eat because I believe, “When you know better, you do better.”

  4. They didn’t ever TRY to have earthquakes made illegal this time. Slackers.

  5. You are brave! I agree with some of your choices.

    The one that sticks out the most for me is Prop 36. Three Strikes started out smart but ended up wasting tax payers money by putting people behind bars for the stupidest things. I too have had personal property stolen and a large sum of money. Yes, it made me(and DH) extremely angry and it still burns me up when I think about (like now…GRRRR!) but I don’t completely agree with your thoughts. I much rather have our prisons filled up with serious offenders like serial rapists and murders. The harm they cause a life is far greater than what can be replaced with money.

    I still like Adrienne eve if I don’t agree with you! 😀

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