Ford Drive Event

I have had to pass up some fun events now that I am working full time, but I try to find others to share the wealth with and also to help me share the events with you.  Pattie Cordova of Living Mi Vida Loca was kind enough to attend a local Ford Drive Event and share her thoughts with us.

I had the opportunity to experience a few popular Ford 2013 automobiles and I learned about some great new features in many of the new models. You know how sometimes you don’t know that you’re missing something until you see it? That’s exactly how I felt after driving the Ford vehicles.

I personally own a 2008 minivan, family stickers in the back and everything. Now, four years might not seem like a lot, but in car years – it might as well be a lifetime. The advances that have come to vehicles are nothing but forward thinking and really with the family in mind. My favorite feature of them all? The hands-free liftgate.

Hands-Free Liftgate

Tested on the 2013 Escape 2.0L EcoBoost

This single new option is the main reason why I am looking to purchase a new vehicle. You know all those times you’ve walked to your vehicle with bags in your hands, maybe a kid on your hip? Yes, I know those times all too well myself. Well, the hands-free liftgate is an awesome new feature whereby with the key fob in your pocket you swipe your foot under the vehicle, where the sensor is located, and it magically opens up. Hands free! You throw the bags in the trunk and swipe your foot under the vehicle again to close it – or push the little button on the door to close now that you have your hands free of bags. It is absolutely amazing.

EcoBoost Engine

Tested on the 2013 Explorer Sport 3.5L EcoBoost

The EcoBoost Engine is an add-on that will propel Ford to the top of the automobile industry pyramid. The EcoBoost engine is a bit of a hybrid engine in that it runs on both gasoline and energy created by the vehicle itself. So what does this mean to you? Fewer runs to the gas station (and having to calm the kids down while the gas is being pumped) and not having to hook up the vehicle to a charging station. Win-win! Plus, the EcoBoost engine is also smaller and lighter than other engines. So theoretically, the vehicle should weigh less and waste less gas in the process.

Ford SYNC powered by Microsoft

Tested on the 2013 Focus ST

When you sit down in most of the 2013 Ford vehicles, you’ll see a huge dashboard in front of you equipped with Ford SYNC powered by Microsoft display. The abilities that this dashboard has is like a thing of the future. It does everything you could need to do while driving your vehicle (most of it hands-free), including weather conditions, 911 Assist, traffic, directions, news, etc. The display works double-time when Sirius radio is activated. My favorite part about SYNC is the fact that it’s upgradable, so information will always be new and should a new service be added down the line, you’ll have access to it as well. And lastly, the SYNC system helps you stay on top of things with its Vehicle Health Report for vehicle maintenance (available free of charge). This report will list any recalls that may be out there for the vehicle, scheduled maintenance and other useful information.

It became quite obvious to me that vehicles have come a long way – even from just four years ago. Though some people are still waiting for the flying automobiles, I would be more than happy to have a vehicle equipped with the hands-free liftgate instead – and the inflatable seatbelts that I also saw on the Ford Explorer. It’s a whole new world of vehicles and I cannot wait to get my next one.

This is not a sponsored post. I attended a Ford Drive Event as a member of the press. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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  1. I love Ford vehicles! And the power lift gate has saved my life so many times!

  2. tania luviano says:

    I love the safeguards feature! I’m always afraid I’m going o run someone over when backing the car

  3. The best car I ever had was a Ford Ranger pickup truck. I like the new Fords, too. They’re fun to drive and look good.

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