George Zimmerman Should Have Received Manslaughter

In MY opinion.

And as I have stated multiple times, this is MY site and MY opinion is the final opinion.  You are welcome to add YOUR opinion in the comments as long as you are respectful of me and everyone else.

That being said, let’s get on to MY opinion.


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I believe Zimmerman to be guity not of Murder (and I think that was the initial error by the prosecution), but of Mansaughter.  I don’t believe there was any malice or intent in the death of Martin.  Due to the reckless actions of Zimmerman, Martin is dead.

Zimmerman was told by the 911 dispatcher to “stop following” Martin.  Right then and there everything should have come to a stand still.  He had no right or reason to continue following Martin and it is my belief that both men could have gone their seperate ways would both be alive and well today.

I think the prosecution (very reminiscent of OJ Simpson) tried too hard and got too cocky.  Had they gone for Mansaughter in the first place and tried the case based upon Mansaughter, I think a conviction would have come through.

Their witnesses were poorly prepared and the case itself was very weak for Second Degree Murder.  George Zimmerman did not set out that night to kill anyone (we don’t think).

Who was screaming for “HELP!”?  Who knows?  Oh, Zimmerman knows, but he is obviously going to say it was him whether it was or not.  Unless of course he too goes the way of OJ Simpson and publishes a tell all book after all Double Jeopardy prevents him form ever being tried again for this crime.  One reporter, Rory something or other, said one day during the trial, “the person with a gun rarely cries for help”.  that reassonated with me.

I don’t like the verdict (nor did I like the Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson verdicts) but I respect our Judicial system and I respect the jurors for the work they have done.

What do you think?


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  1. While I did not watch the trial on tv, from all reports that I’ve read, I concur & feel your thoughts/views are very well expressed here. Let’s just pray that now all concerned, and those that feel vindicated and/or not vindicated, act respectfully and peacefully.

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