Going Rogue

Going Rogue
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Surprised?  I know some who first found out I would be reading and reviewing this book were.  But why are they surprised?  I enjoy biographies, especially auto-biographies.  Why should I not read this one?  Because we differ in most of our political views?  Sorry, my life does not revolve around my political views.  Heck one of my favorite books ever is The Reagan Diaries (also one of the biggest, which I mistakenly travelled around Europe carrying with me).

While I think Sarah Palin is an interesting person, you can’t actually get a feel for that through her writing.  And yes, you can tell she wrote it and it isn’t just ghosted.  Not just because of the vernacular but because of the style and because of my main problem with it.

The entire book all the way up until the actual VP announcement by John Mc Cain seems to be riddled with justifications.  Some stories are quite interesting until you get the words, and that’s why “during the VP campaign” so and so said this or that.

My definition of an auto-biography is a way to tell the story of your life, not to justify yourself to others.  Most people who will read this book are either her supporters or people intelligent enough to make up there own minds without punditry interfering.  Those who “need” the justifications more than likely will not be reading this book and if they did they probably wouldn’t believe or care to believe the justifications anyways.

Perhaps an unofficial biography would have been a better read; perhaps it would have stuck more to just her life and not her reasons.  I would have enjoyed more anecdotes about her and her family, her time growing up in Alaska, her college years went by in the book in just a page or two.  I would have enjoyed more information on raising her kids and her “hockey mom” experiences.

Be that as it may, I hope one day her “life” story is published.  Heck she still has a lot more living to do yet.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was not asked to review this book by anyone.  So there!

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  1. janet bourque says:

    Good for you ! If we never venture to find out what is outside our own opinions,beliefs,or lifestyles we would live our life with blinders on. We don’t necessarily need to “experience” things to learn. Alyssa was required to read Ted Kennedy’s book for a class. She ended up enjoying the read and learning about his point of view on many things. If you only know one point of view, it’s hard to form your own opinion on anything.

  2. Hey thanks for telling me to read your review on Twitter :) I really kinda figured it’d be a justification,,, but I am still interested. I’ll let u know what I think! The funny thing is I accidentally ordered the wrong book because there is one called the same thing with her name plastered big on it but apparently its about her being a tyrant in a small subtitle so I had to reorder it and send the spin off back hahahaha things ppl do to try to sell books. But I guess I should have looked closer anyways.

  3. I recieved the book for Christmas and look forward to reading it. I will let you know what I think of it.

  4. Just finished reading the book, liked it a lot but realize it is not for everyone. I am confused by your judgement that it is full of justifications. I find she throws light on how she got to the public positions that she held. That she fought against the fat cats of the Republican Party for their failure to put the people’s work as a top priority was an eye opener.

    She also fought the largest oil company in the State because they were using their oil leases as inventory instead of drilling like the people wanted. She won and they started drilling. Also, she got the “gasline” started, something all governors had been trying to do for twenty years but could not get done because they cherished their cosy relationships with those that were intrested in the staus quo.

    Getting the people of Alaska to love her in such large numbers is a lesson many governors should study for how it was done. She is a devoted public servant and tries to cut all extraneous spending. I was pleased to see that she sold a plane that the previous governor bought with public funds for his purposes. She found that plane could not land on most Alaska runways, made of gravel, and was for use in the lower 48 states.

    I was amazed to see why she decided to resign, personal bankruptcy was in the offing. Frivolous lawsuits were filed by political enemies, costing her personally $500,000 dollars to defend. She is not wealthy. The law in Alaska only protects legislators against frivolous lawsuits and not the executive. Other states do protect their governors but not Alaska.

    She has fire in her belly to see that the people get what they want and I believe we shall see her in politics again.

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