Hate is a Four-Letter Word

A couple weeks ago I noticed a car in my gated apartment building parking area.  It was a newer model Honda Accord but it had what appeared to be clear packing tape sticking on and off and all over it.  I thought it was odd but assumed someone had played a prank on them and saran wrapped their car.  Didn’t think too much of it and moved along.

A week later I noticed the same car but now the packing tape was in use


I was physically taken aback.  I stopped in my tracks and couldn’t believe my eyes.  I hoped once again that it was a prank of some sort and moved along.

Two days later it was still there.  I have to pass it every day to and from my car.  It makes me so mad and just ill to see.  But there is nothing that I can do.  I asked my building manager and she said she spoke with the management company and they can’t do anything because it isn’t “hurting or directed at anyone in particular”.  I asked a couple of friends, one who is LAPD and one who is Glendale PD and both said there is legally nothing that can be done.  It is a First Amendment issue.  They have the freedome to express their political hateful views as long as they don’t threaten anyone in particular.

Today, white nationalists, white supremicists, RACIST ASSHOLES protested marched around carrying tiki torches in Charlottesville, VA.  They called their “rally” Unite the Right.  There were no hoods, no white sheets they don’t need them anymore.  It is no longer shameful to be racist.


Both of the above examples have political leanings, and I am fine with your political opinion.  You be YOU boo!  But there is no excuse for the racial turn.  The car can call President Obama a communists, they can even call for death to communists, those are political opinions (strong but still…….), but when you added the nooses you crossed the line.  The nooses are disgusting.  They are blatantly a racial statement.

The Unite the Right rally was supposedly initially organized by right wing blogger Jason Kessler who had planned a “pro-whote” rally (WTF?!) to protest the removal of a General Lee statue.  Other white power groups jumped on board and added the tiki torches.  The march was in the daylight.  You don’t need a torch of any kind to “light the way” in broad daylight.  Those torches were simply a reminder of the KKK days of carrying the torches at night to burn the cross on the lawn of a black family and/or church.

These people are sick.

I tried to ignore the news, ignore the president, ignore it and it will go away.  I was wrong.  I was privileged.

I am here!  I am white and I CONDEMN and RENOUNCE the actions of those not only in Charlottesville, but those in my parking lot and him in the White House.  This is not my United States.  He is not my president.


  1. Bravo! What has our country reverted too is sickening.

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