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WHAT: Cheerful Jamaican accents, a cheetah foot race, an ambitious prom nightand Kate Upton! On Hulu AdZone, fans can now catch an sneak peek of the most-talked-about upcoming commercials airing during Super Bowl XLVII. Hulu AdZone, presented by Toyota, is the only destination where viewers can get a first look at leaked Super Bowl teaser ads of 2013 all in one place. Fans getting ahead of the game can enjoy the newest leaked ads and teasers, right now, from Toyota,Audi, Skechers,Hyundai, Walt Disney Pictures, Kia,,


In addition to getting a first look at the entertaining teasers and ads (check back as we add more leaked ads between now and the big game), users will get access to the following features:


  • Free Month of Hulu Plus: On February 3rd, fans that check in to the Super Bowl on GetGlue earn a Hulu AdZone sticker and a FREE month of Hulu Plus.
  • Pick The Winner: Fans can watch, share, and vote for their favorite Super Bowl ads on game day. (You’ll just need a Facebook account to cast your vote). As soon as one team wins the Super Bowl, Hulu will tally the votes and announce your pick for the best ads of Super Bowl 2013 and share our picks for best celebrity cameos, cutest critters and more.
  • Hulu AdZone Widget: With the Hulu AdZone Widget, you can embed the Hulu player starting today, and host all of this year’s Super Bowl commercials as they air in real-time on game day. Once the player is embedded, your readers will not only have the chance to view all of this year’s great Super Bowl ads right from your site, but they can vote, Tweet, “like” and share their favorite commercialswith friends. There’s a large and small size so editors can choose the widget that fits their site best.
  • Mobile Access & Xbox 360: For the first time, fans can receive content not only on their iOS and Android supported mobile devices, but on their Xbox 360 via the Internet Explorer browser on the Xbox 360 (no Hulu Plus subscription required). Simply go to to enjoy the complete Hulu AdZone experience on your phone, tablet and Xbox 360.


WHEN: Now! In addition to the teaser ads launching today, we will continue to add more new and leaked ads to HuluAdZone between now and game day. Voting for the best Super Bowl ads opens on February 3rd at kick-off and closes at the end of the game. Votes will be tallied and results will be shared after the big game.


WHERE:  HuluAdZone on Hulu and Hulu Plus:

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