I suck

I do.  I am so busy.  I was supposed to do a few giveaways for you here, a new Doc McStuffins DVD and a new Mike The Knight DVD over a month ago.  And yet, they never happened.

My job is overwhelming.  Not in a bad way, but still.  I’m not only working 9-5 but in the evenings I am doing the social media for the rink and even going back to the rink somenights for paperwork for new employees or uprising issues that need to be dealt with.

On top of that I am still working the trade shows.  This week is the coin show, which I love working, but still.  It takes a lot of effort to get ready to take 3 days off from the rink, make sure I have everything prepared and done and gear myself up for everything that will be waiting for me when I get back.  Not to mention the evenings I will go to the rink after working the coin show for what are sure to be uprising issues that need to be dealt with.

Did I mention the other job I picked up a couple of weeks ago?  Also sorta through the trade shows, but from home on my own time.  I committed to working a 60 hour two week period from home to help the registration team of E3.  This is probably the biggest trade show we work each year and I am honored they asked for my help.  Plus I need all the extra funds I can get since there is an Alaskan Cruise in my near future.  (Un)fortunately, the job only took me 31 hours to complete instead of 60, so I am a little more relaxed (but that also means less dollars, so there is a little more stress).

But with all of this going on this blog has suffered.  And as a result you have suffered.  Sorry about that.

How about some good news?


I have missed this face so stinking much it is unbelievable.  But now he is here and I hug him every chance I get.

My baby is as tall as me!

My baby is as tall as me!


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  1. Nah… you just have been “busy.” Definitely do not suck at all… and enjoy that Alaskan Cruise when it happens… that’s on my travel list!!

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