I’m Scared

Taj and I have known each other for almost 26 years.

In that time I have never met his children.

They have always lived in Pakistan.

The past few years we have gotten to know each other via face book.

This weekend his son is coming to Los Angeles.  With his wife and child.

I’m scared.

Taj and I were never married.  Now we aren’t even a “couple” any more.

I had a nightmare last weekend.  I dreamed the kids wouldn’t let me hold the baby and when he called me grandma they corrected him.

Fear is real.


  1. They will fall in love with you!

  2. Just remember their bad behavior is a reflection on them — not you. Easier said than done. I know.

    Have a way out. Text a friend a code word so they will call with an “emergency”.

  3. There will be no bad behavior. It was just a dream and they will all love you.

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