[in-shoor, -shur]  

verb (used with object),


to guarantee against loss or harm.
My medical insurance became effective April 1st.  It was the best April Fools I have every been involved with.  I made my first phone call to an allergist that comes highly recommended and am in search of a General Practitioner to get a physical and start working on the rest of my woes.
My employer pays for 100% of my premium and insisted I get a PPO not an HMO and is in fact one of the most generous people I know.  But all of this would not have been able to happen if it were not for the Affordable Care Act.
I have pre-existing conditions.  I am fat.  I am a woman who has given birth (yep, that is considered a pre-existing condition). I work for a very small business, 25 employees all but 2 are part time (less than 20 hours per week), with the Affordable Care Act my boss is able to provide medical insurance to the two full time employees for under $1000 a month!
I’m not alone in the positive effect of the Affordable Care Act.  You have all heard me talk about my friend Erin before.  She is battling Lupus and has been going through financial difficulties due to the hospital bills (multiple major surgeries), prescription drugs and other incurred costs.  She and her husband both had insurance through their jobs, she lost her job due to medical reasons and he was laid off.  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act they are not losing their house.

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