It’s as Easy as Riding a Bike

Guardian_Logo_CyanWhen I took on more responisbilities at work last year, I cut back (WAY BACK) on blogging.  I miss it.  Thanks to the wonderful people at Gigasavvy, they invited me to check out some new bikes that will be safer and easier for the grands to use.

My grands are apartment dwellers.  They don’t get many chances to ride bikes and as such dont share my gear hungry attitude for bike accessories.  They each have a bike at Aunt Kathy’s house but are hesitant to ride them without assistance.  Caitlyn still thinks she needs training wheels, but I think if her confidence grew her ability would as well.

Matthew wouldn’t try riding at all during the event, Caitlyn would only ride with assistance.  Madilyn didn’t want to get off, she was trying so hard to do it on her own but I think her excitement got the best of her.  Bless the hearts of the owners/devolpers of Guardian Bikes and their employees, they all at one point or another held on to the back of Madilyn’s bike and helped her along.

guardian.july2015_prototypes.50Guardian Bikes CEO Brian Riley’s focus on bike safety has a long history. Riley was inspired by his grandfather experiencing a terrible bike accident. He flipped over the front of his bike, ultimately landing him in traction. Wanting to keep other bike riders from experiencing what his grandfather did, Riley invented new braking technology called SureStop. SureStop brakes employ a single hand lever that operates both the front and rear brake simultaneously, making it virtually impossible to flip over the front of your bike due to a sudden stop. But Riley wanted to take things further.  He realized there was a whole group of vastly underserved people when it comes to bike safety: kids. Riley founded Guardian Bikes with the intention of preventing the millions of bike accidents that happen to children each year. Guardian Bikes use SureStop brake technology, among other features, to allow children to explore the world in motion with confidence.

Guardian Bikes come complete with the following safety features:

SureStop Brakes

  • No front wheel lockup
  • Easier for children–only one lever controls both brakes

Easy Ride Geometry

Wheel base is extended and bottom bracket is lowered or an overall lower center of gravity, making the bike harder to tip over and easier to ride.

Sturdier Steering

Guardian Bikes’ steering components make it easier for kids to steer as they ride


Mostly made of aluminum, Guardian Bikes are easier for a child to control due to their light weight

High Quality Components

  • SureStop Brakes
  • Shimano shifting
  • Kenda tires
  • Double wall rims for durability

Some facts about Guardian Bikes

  • For children ages 4-12
  • Designed in 20” and 24” size frames
  • Designed in bold colors and patterns for both boys and girls
  • The only children’s bikes with
  • SureStop brake technology
  • Officially launching September 2015
  • Will be available online and at specialty retailers
  • Priced at $399

I don’t know if that is a price point I can afford (especially times three!), but if they move to a house where they can ride more often it will be well worth it (as a santa gift).

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