It’s Spooooooky!

We were lucky to be invited to attend the opening day of Knott’s Spooky Farm.  I don’t do scary.  The twins don’t do scary.  Caitlyn on the other hand has no fear of ANYTHING.

masked dogSince the invitation was only for myself and 3 family members I was on my own with the grands.  I enlisted the help of some friends who have season passes, and they took Caitlyn on all the big kid rides while the twins and I worked our way through Camp Spooky quite happily.

I posted a ton of pictures on Instagram and Facebook, you are following me on both right?  If you search the hashtag #Knottsspookyfarm you can see some amazing pictures from people who are actually good at taking pictures.

Kids can take part in “Snoopy’s Costume Contest and Dance Party” and also visit the Camp Spooky Theatre to view “The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown”, a new Halloween show where everyone will be singing and dancing along to all their favorite Halloween tunes. Kids of all ages can join in the fun with spooky karaoke and mask making at the “Monster Masquerade Ball Karaoke” or go Trick-or-Treating at Ghost Town where friendly ghosts deliver delicious treats. At the “Spooky Hollow Maze” kids will travel through a spooky forest with gigantic jack-o-lanterns and encounter a headless horseman! In the Creepy Crawler Cabin Knott’s Park Naturalist will amaze children of all ages with her slithery, slimy, creepy, crawly critters.  We of course did none of that.  “Too scary”!

halloween-decorations-at-knottsOn our way out we passed through the rest of Knott’s as they were getting ready for KNott’s Scary Farm.  At one point we saw that there were spider webs on everything.  Madilyn about wet herself.  We had a long conversation about it actually being cheesecloth (which they thought the name was hilarious!) and that I had some in my kitchen at home.  After explaining everything she finally got brave enough to touch it and realized it was smooth and soft not sticky like a real spider web.

All in all it was a really good day.  If you take your kiddos post your photos and let me know.  I love kids in costume!


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