Keeping Your Family Organized

Staying Organized

This post was written by Kenny Pedersen at Organized Garage Solutions. He enjoys reading, playing all kinds of sports, and watching movies with his wife.

With eight kids in the house, my mother was not only struggling to keep the house organized but our schedules too. Every day, my mom would pick up all the clutter around the house when we all went to school. Within seconds of getting home from school, we all made the house a disaster again.


When trying to find time to keep the house clean and organizing your family’s schedules, it can be overwhelming and can create a lot of stress in your life. Growing up, my mom was able to do both of those things and still have time for the things she wanted to do. Whether you work or stay at home, you want to have that relaxing time for yourself. Here are a couple of ideas  to keep your family organized while staying stress-free.


Create A To-Do List

The first thing you should do when you have a lot on your plate is to make a to-do list every day. This is a good idea because you will never forget about something you need to get done that day. Having a to-do list or checklist will ensure that you not only keep track of your day-to-day activities, but it was also ensure that you stay proactive.


Keep The House Clean

When you have a crazy schedule and a dirty, unorganized house, it can be very difficult to get anything done. That is why when growing up my mom would always have all of my brothers and sisters do chores. This gave us all responsibilities and taught us to work hard. Not all families can do this if you only have toddlers or babies in the house. If that is you, make time in the morning to pick up the clutter and vacuum the floor. Just doing those few things will make your home feel clean and organized.


Make a Schedule

After you have created your checklist and cleaned your house, make a schedule for the week. Plan out everything you are doing for that week even down to taking your kids to soccer practice. Making a good, detailed schedule is essential for keeping your family organized.


Have Time For Yourself

Anyone with a busy schedule knows how important having time for yourself is. Relax and do something you really enjoy doing. Kids and work can be overwhelming and stressful. If you never make time for what you really want to do, you will be sacrificing things like your health and well-being.


I really hope these few steps can help you become more organized and stress-free. I have used all of these steps while going to college full time and having multiple jobs, so I know that they will help you!



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