Knotts New Boardwalk


Under the boardwalk – out of the sun……..That’s where I wish I was today.  It is over 100 again today in sunny HUMID Southern California and here I sit in my dining room with a fan overhead and a fan pointing at my head.  And I am still sweating!


A couple of weeks ago (did I mention I suck?) I was invited to check out the new Boardwalk area of Knott’s Berry Farm.  Thankfully the day was beautiful, not too hot, although the sun was making it’s self known just as we were ready to elave at noon.

The Boardwalk has three new rides:

  • Coast Rider- The ultimate family coaster experience, Coast Rider climbs to a height of 52 feet before embarking on a harrowing journey down the 1,339 feet of track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins.

  • Surfside Glider- Guests can pilot their own Surfside Glider from a height of 28 feet.  These two-person aircrafts zip through the air providing a bird’s eye view of the Boardwalk area as they glide over Boardwalk Bay.

  • Pacific Scrambler – A family favorite and traditional Boardwalk attraction returns offering an exhilarating spin.

I went on two of the three and am regretting one of them.  I am not a “rides” person.  I can go to an amusement park and be happy watching shows or sitting and enjoying the atmosphere and people watching.  But I was with a friend from the rink and he convinced me to try a ride or two.  I of course nixed anything “roler coaster”y but gave in on the Surfside Glider.  DUMB DUMB DUMB.  I spent the entire time screaming “I hate you Marcus” and holding on so tight to the propeller to make sure my glider barely moved while a million feet in the air (only a slight exaggeration).

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