Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Do you have your costume?  Do you have your kid’s costume?


Caitlyn will be with her dad this year, so I have no control over that costume, sigh.  Madilyn is going to be Olivia (a cartoon pig) and Matthew, well, his mom bought him a shield and a breast plate to be a knight but that didn’t work out so well on our trip to Camp Spooky.

So now I am trolling the internet looking for a size 4 costume that he will like.  Not so easy.

Thankfully Children’s Place has some to choose from, so I will have him look at them later this week to see what he likes.

They also have some great (read inexpensive) Halloween shirts and pajamas to choose from.

I have not been compensated for this post, but if a size 4 boys costume were to show up on my doorstep I wouldn’t refuse it.

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