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lilyDiabetes runs rampant in my family, Type 1 and 2.  Both sides of my parents and on Taj’s side as well.  there is no escaping it, there is only learning how to prevent, control and live with it.

Announced earlier this month on the Disney Interactive Blog, Disney Interactive and Lilly Diabetes launched a new online destination dedicated to families affected by type 1 diabetes on Disney’s family lifestyle site, at Leveraging Lilly’s expert knowledge about diabetes and Disney Interactive’s trusted portfolio of parenting tools and community, the site serves as a unique and powerful resource for parents and caregivers raising children with type 1 diabetes.


Through a mix of articles, videos and advice, site contributors (which include dietitians, psychologists, nurses and everyday families) cover a variety of topics all designed to help families manage type 1 diabetes in everyday situations, such as:

  • Routines for families that manage type 1 diabetes while still letting kids be kids
  • Important info on how to pack for vacations, sleepovers and other outings
  • Talking tips about type 1 diabetes to share with friends, teachers and coaches


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