lumpy, bumpy and grumpy

Those were dwarves right?

Anyhoo, back in Feb. I told ya’all about a lump I found but everything came out to be no problems, just fibro cystic.  Yeah well, now I have an egg sized mass in my left breast and I went to the doc again last night and he was surprised that it was so big and not seen in Feb.  ugh. 

Just another peril of being seen at a free clinic?  I am endebted to the Cancer Detection Program Every Woman Counts for their support and financial generosity.  It is through them that I am able to be seen by doctors and have mammograms and cervical exams.  It is through them that I will get a Diagnostic Mammogram and a Breast Ultrasound on September 1 (can’t believe there wasn’t anything sooner.  Again, is it because I am “free”?).

I hate to think that anyone would discriminate against someone because they have no health insurance.  But I am realistic enough to know that it may happen.

Cross everything you have and I will keep you updated.

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