Mea Culpa

I took a friend to the movies tonight.  She hasn’t been out in a while and I had an invite to a screening for a “comedy” and I thought she would enjoy getting out.

Unfortunately it didn’t happen as I would have liked.

It seems I have been guilty of a no no.  With my apologies to my sister the attorney, I haven’t been reading what I have been signing every time I have gone to a screening.  As was pointed out to me this evening when the gentleman refused my entry, I have not been supposed to post my reviews of these screenings.  I have been signing semi-non-disclosure forms the entire time and was not aware of it.

I take full responsibility for not reading them, and had I read them I never would have blogged anything.

I have never hidden the fact that I am a blogger, heck, I have even given out my card at a few screenings to other attendees.  Now, I may not be invited back due to my ignorance and stupidity.

So, I apologize to the studios affected, I apologize to the Screening Exchange, and I apologize to you, my readers.

There will be no more advance reviews.

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