Motherland Of Sam: We Are All Born A**holes

motherlandMeet Sam Dean Mavis, writer, producer, hilarious Mommy Blogger, wife, and Mother of three.  Sam has just launched her first book of short essays about her daily adventures with her family and has already landed in the number one spot on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Parenting and Family Humor.
Sam’s laugh out loud, hilarious, honest, raw, touching, and endearing view of motherhood will will keep you in tears, either from laughter or from touching your heart.
Motherland of Sam: We Are All Born A**holes is a book for anyone who finds humor in the trials and tribulations of life, for anyone who is a Mom, has a Mom, or a sense of humor. 

With such chapters as “I Have A Penis Like Daddy And You Have A Vagina Like 
Mommy,” “My Daughter Is Obsessed With My Period,” “The Mommy Tipping Point: When Moms Cry,” “Facing Depression In Parenting,” and “Conversations With My Son: My Poop Is In The Cave,” Sam will take you on a journey into situations that only your closest friends would discuss, at a whisper, and shares them in celebration, or triumph over a difficult time.
Without further adieu, meet Sam, and, Come Join The Journey.


  1. Love it! Thank you so much Adrienne! You’re the best! xo

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