My Baby, My Boy

His arms are full and he is heading out the door and down the sidewalk.

20 years later it is the same story just a bigger boy.

It has been great having Adam home these last 2 months, but his days here are numbered.  His visa for New Zealand has been approved and he will be buying his ticket soon.  He has a job and place to live lined up, he’s ready to go.

Happy Birthday little boy.  You have grown into an amazing man.  I love you.

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  1. Sally Pratt says:

    Happy Birthday Adam, we do have a few things in common, Your sister, your niece and nephew and our birthdays, even though a day a part.

  2. Awesome, where is he going to be living? I live in New Zealand.

  3. Hey, I just stopped by to visit your site and thought I’d say thanks for having me.

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