Nice Work if you can get it

I took a day off today from the roller rink.  But I didn’t taake a day off of work.  I was asked to work a trade show this weekend and it is one that I have enjoyed working every year.  The International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Lonng Beach is an amazing exhibition for Beauty Professionals and for me it is a chance to reunite with some friends and co-workers I haven’t seen in a while.

When I got the schedule for the show it included the line “get to baking Missy”.  My co-workers enjoy my cookies and “experiments”.  They are the ones who tried my mini peanut butter muffins with a mini Reese’s cup inside.  They were also the guinea pigs for my Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies.  this morning I whipped up a batch of Walnut Chocolate Chip since that is the favorite of my supervisor.  I have to do the peanut butter ones for another supervisor, but I am thinking I want to also try out something new.

I bought some mini Rolo candies.  Rolo’s were one of my mom’s favorite candies.  She used to hide them in her dresser drawer (obviously not a very good hiding place).  I am thinking I want to put the Rolo’s inside of a brownie.  I plan on making the brownies in the mini muffin pan (best $10 I spent in a while).  My decision is whether I put the rolo in the batter before it goes in the oven or I pop it in just as I take them out like I do with the resse’s cup.

Has anyone ever tried this?  I am too tired and too lazy to google it or pinterest it right now.  I want the gooey caramel in the middle but am afraid of the chocolate melting too much during the cooking process and changing the consistency and taste of the brownie.  Doesn’t everyone stress over stuff like this?

Can you tell I am tired?  Maybe I should focus on getting to bed instead.

Oh by the way, the reason for this post.

Most of my co-workers are excited to work this show because they can take advantage of the amazing deals on beauty products on the show floor.  We all know how I react to that.  I could care less.

But since you can’t make it to ISSE this year (or ever) you can always check out this 15% off at deal.


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