Not So Wordless Wednesday – Sprucing Up

My mother not only had gray hair, she had white hair.  My sisters are all MUCH older than I but the gray eludes none of us.  I have always been afraid of dying my hair, I keep recalling the episode of the Brady Bunch where Gregs hair turns orange.

But I was offered the chance to participate in a “Get Your Sexy Back” makeover in the fall of last year (not what I thought it would be but the makeover was nice), so I said what the hell and told the hair dresser to do whatever she wanted to me.

Natalie set her hounds loose and they double teamed me.  I will forever be grateful to Natalie for calming my nerves and making me a believer.  Now if only there was a permenant solution and I didn’t need to go back every 3 months.






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