Pinterest For Dummies

And by Dummies, they mean ME!

I admit it, although I am on Pinterest and have pinned a few things, I was ignorant of it’s many uses and even questioned it’s necessity to some of my more dedicated colleagues.

Then my friend Kelby Carr (aka TypeAMom) took on the task of writing this book and I jumped at the chance to do a review and a giveaway (that’s right stick around to the end of this post and you could win a copy of the book!)

My main usage for Pinterest has been as a sharing device for my colleagues posts (and my own) and as a big ol’ cookbook.

It’s true 90% of my pins have to do with food, not necessarily foods I have made or will make, but foods that look like things others would like.

I am only 3 chapters in and I have a learned a bunch of things already, some good some not so good.  I don’t like the feature that others can add you as a contributor to a board without your consent, that is like being added to groups in face book.  But it is easy enough to leave a board if you like.

Do I think Pinterest is the new end all be all? No.  But do I think it is another useful tool not only for bloggers but for everyone? Absolutely!  The uses are endless, and I didn’t realize that until I read this book.  I can see it being used to plan parties, events of all sizes, wardrobes, trips.  Gift wishlists for grandparents will be a fabulous use!

Thank you Kelby for a great resource and thank you Pinterest for a new time suck tool.

I did mention a giveaway earlier and here it is:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. I’d love to find out if Pinterest can be done without having to be a member of Facebook. I would Love to be able to pin but so far I’m finding that I would have to join. Maybe this book will have an answer! Please enter me. (I can always give the book away to my sister who pins).

  2. Allison Almond says:

    I need this book, because I just don’t get it… I have pinned a few things here and there…. but I don’t see the “point” of it all….

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