A bunch of friends online are picking words for the new year instead of making a resolution.  I never make resolutions, I never keep them.

I am pragmatic enough to know what I am and am not capable of doing.  I know if I set a resolution to “lose weight” I will eat a Reese’s for breakfast.

2014Last year I made the decision to “Open up the gates” and that worked out well.  I opened myself up to opportunities that I never would have before.  Most importantly I opened myself up to ME.  I spent the majority of my life making sure others around me were happy and taken care of with little to no regard to myself.  This year that changed.  I focused on me.  New clothes, new lifestyle, more focus on my job etc.  It resulted in me getting a promotion, raise, moving into my own apartment and buying a new car.  Not too shabby results, I would think.

So for this year, I am going to focus on Progressing. According to Merriam Webster (does anyone miss using an actual dictionary?) Progression is defined as “a continuous and connected series”.  I am going to continue and connect.

Bring it on 2015!

Full tilt ahead!



  1. Desiree Eaglin says:

    I hope I get to see you more often in 2015!

  2. I LOVE it!! You inspire me for 2015. And yes, I miss using a printed-honest-to-goodness-old-fashion-dictionary, too! 😀

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