Scraps is a new toy.  It kinda wants to be a Mr. Potato Head, but it also thinks it is an 80’s throwback.

The idea is that you can attach different body parts (eyes, limbs etc.) via buttons and if you buy more than one the parts are interchangeable and different to each toy.

That’s the catch.  The PR company was nice enough to send me one to have the grands try.  They tried it.  Caitlyn was bored within 5 minutes, she connected the body parts and walked away.  Madilyn picked it up and cradled it a bit (she loves “babies”) but it didn’t hold her attention for long.  My ever technical and analytical Matthew turned it over a few times and asked what to do with it.  I showed him that he could take off the pieces and put them back on and he looked at me like “AND?!”.  So I handed him my iTouch and he walked away.

I think if they had more than one (there are 12 available), I think they would have enjoyed it more.  But if you are only going to buy one?  Don’t bother.


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  1. karenmed409 says:

    Maybe it is for a younger age group that likes to pull and push pieces in different slots.. I myself think it looks pretty cool

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