A Season Full of Slacking at Knotts Berry Farm

A few weeks ago I received an email asking me to offer you readers a chance to win 4 Season passes to Knotts Berry Farm.  I readily accepted.

But then I slacked.

Now the contest ends in less than 48 hours and I hope someone from here rushes over there and wins!

When my kids were little we went to Knotts at least once a year.  I have never been much of a “rider” but I enjoy people watching and the ambiance of a fun environment.  The kids would bring a friend and I would just hang around, people watching (one of my all time favorite pasttimes!) and carrying drinks.  Even now 20 years later, I don’t balk when the grand kids want to go to Knotts.

@knotts  welcome to #campspooky

@knotts welcome to #campspooky (Photo credit: adriennevh)

This morning as we were on our way to a movie screening, Matthew asked me “where was that place that we went and I had on my cowboy outfit and Madilyn was a unicorn?”  I told him it was called Knott’s Berry Farm and he replied “I hope that’s where we are going now!”  I hated to burst his bubble but I think he enjoyed the movie anyways.

On the way home from the movie he brought it up again and we chatted about the rides he went on (and glossed over the one he had to be taken off of) and he declared that he was ready for Halloween again whenever I was.  Guess I better get ready!

When Taj and I took Caitlyn for her 7th birthday she was not satisfied with just hanging out in Camp Snoopy, she wanted to go on all the “big” rides.  Unfortunately (or fortuantely depedning on if you are her or me), she was not tall enough.  I am afraid to take her back now.  I swear she has grown three inches since then and I sure as heck am not going on those rides with her!

I am supposed to share five memories, but since I slacked and won’t be paid for this anyways I’m just gonna move on.

A season pass at Knotts can be as low as 6 monthly payments of $14 (that’s $84 for those of you that are math challanged), which is less than a one day ticket to the other park I write about sometimes, ahem.  The most expensive season pass is only 6 monthly payments of $32 ($192 total) which even includes parking and admission to ALL the Cedar Fair parks in the US!  Speaking of good times at amusement parks, I have a gajillion great memories of Cedar Pointe in Ohio growing up (except the time Karl and Janine dragged me on the corkscrew!).

If you are so inclined now that I have totaally sold you on this you can just click on over here and purchase your pass right now.  But first go over to the contest before midnight Sunday March 16 and try to win a four pack!

Disclosure, this post was due almost a week ago, if I had posted on time I would be receiving a family four pack of tickets in exchange for this post.  But I didn’t so this one is a freebie.  

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