Stereotypical Shopping

Everyone needs to take a step back when they think about stereotypes nowadays. Not all Muslims are terrorists not all African-Americans are on welfare and not all single mothers are sluts.
Clothing designers are in on the whole stereotyping.
I am a big girl I’m big in height, I’m big in width, I’m just big all around except where some expect me to be big.
When I go shopping for clothes and of course I go to the big girls store, it’s really hard to find long enough Pants, because they assume all fat people are short. Bathing suit season is a joke I have to buy a two-piece bathing suit because the one piece is never long enough for my torso.
Today I went bra shopping. needless to say it was a fiasco.
About a year ago I went and was fitted for a bra. I had never done that before and though it was quite an intimate experience it really was enlightening. I found out that I was wearing not only the wrong cup size but the Longstrap size I was wearing the shoulder straps incorrectly I was a hot mess.
After I was sized I realized I wear a 44B yes that B as in boy. You see bra designers assume that if you are a B cup you are a skinny person. And if you are a fat person well then your boobs must be humongous. So once again I fall into that non-stereo typical category.
Maybe I’ll just go bra less from now on, hell can’t be that bad right? Oh what the heck I’ll go pantsless too!

By the way this entire post was dictated on my new phone Man do I love this phone

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