Summertime at The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place store invited me to go shopping (with their money)for some summer clothes for the grands last week.

I love The Children’s Place at the Grove in Los Angeles.  It is a HUGE store, but not crammed packed with stuff.  Don’t get me wrong there is a ton of inventory but it is such an open airy store that it doesn’t feel cramped, you can easily walk around, even with a stroller.

My one instruction from Marisa was “get dresses for the girls”, so that is where I headed first.  I loved that they had many that “matched” for Cait and Madilyn, but I ended up getting different ones for them.

I also wanted to get bathing suits for all three since they have outgrown the ones from last year.  I found this cute one for Matthew.

With $100 I was able to get 2 dresses, 2 shirts (for Matthew), 3 bathing suits and 2 pairs of sandals (for the girls).  I think I did pretty darn good!

Thanks Children’s Place.




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  1. Desiree Eaglin says:

    I like the Children’s Place too, they have fun, colorful clothes for kids!

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