That Devil Moon and Ain’t Love Grand

Let me start by saying the author is a co-worker of mine, she gave me a copy of her books and asked me to review them.  If any of you think this influences my opinion you may as well just click that little x in the corner right now.

I did not read Ain’t Love Grand, for one simple reason.  Based upon the synopsis on the back of the book, I didn’t need to.  It is a letter from who I presume is the lead character to her mother and it tells the entire story of the book in 3 paragraphs.  Is it a good story anyways?  I have no idea.  I am someone who does not like knowing the ending as opposed to my sister who reads the last few pages of a book before she starts it (Hi Gretchen!).

The back of That Devil Moon did almost the same but it left enough out that I was intrigued enough to read it.

A mysterious one night stand, an unexpected (well only to the character, the rest of us knew from page 8 that she would end up pregnant) pregnancy, and a boy meets girl boy loses girl girl is a freak boy is a jerk boy and girl fall madly in love.

The twists and turns in this book kept me interested, when I thought one thing was going to happen something else did instead.  When I thought ok this is going to wrap up and be the end, something else happened, and I was glad.  More happened than I expected but I didn’t think it went on too long.

In other words, G and E, I am including this in the next box of books I ship out to you.  If you read Ain’t Love Grand let me know what you think.

By the way, all of Dana’s books are available on Kindle, most for only 99 cents!

PS.  I don’t put affiliate links in my book reviews, well, because I don’t know how.  But if you search and then buy from the Amazon widget over there on the sidebar I get a couple of pennies.


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