The Artist

A silent movie in 2011?  Who’d have thunk?  Not me that’s for sure, but I am certainly glad that someone did.

A silent film star faces the reality that “talkies” are coming but can’t bring himself to lower to that level.  Amazing acting, although kinda cheesy in this day and age because of the “overacting’ and “mugging” nature of silent films.

It was a little hard to watch at home on DVD because you have to pay attention.  I don’t pay attention well at home with the computer and magazines, and toys needing to be picked up distracting me.

I definitely recommend you run out and see this in a theater while you still have a chance.

Would I vote for it to be Best Picture?  No.  But it is still a really good film.

Three Diet Cokes


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  1. LOL Three Diet Cokes! I love that!

    I want to see this movie, but something is holding me back from seeing it…(fear of boredom perhaps?)

    I think it is a great concept…very artistic and I’m sure visually stunning…okay, okay, I’m going to see it!

  2. How many Diet Cokes can a movie score? Want to know where this one is on the spectrum.

  3. I can’t wait to see this – I’ve heard great things! And with the Three Diet Cokes recommendation, how can you go wrong? : )

  4. With my track record I won’t get to see it till it’s on DVD. Love silent film!

  5. We saw this in the theater this past weekend (I’m posting a review tomorrow). LOVED it. I don’t rate movies, but if I did, it would be at least a 4 out of 5 (the theater viewing really might make a difference).

  6. Dying to see this as well!

  7. My husband wants to see it, me not so sure. For Oscars i nominate Hugo!!

  8. I heard this movie is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Now I really have to see it.

  9. Natalie klein says:

    Can’t wait seeing it this weekend!

  10. Eva Smith of Tech.Food.Life. says:

    I love silent movies. You are so right. I always have a hard time watching them because I’m distracted. I’ll make sure to give it another go at a movie theater.

  11. Honestly I´m not of silent movies kind of gal, however I´m hearing so many good reviews I want to see this one. Probably it will be until comes on DVD though!

  12. This movie is on my list to watch — especially after the Oscar nomination! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen — hopefully this weekend.

  13. I honestly love film….even off the beaten path types of films so I am going to have to add it to my queue of movies want to see……

  14. That would be almost impossible to enjoy at home – because my house is like a constant mad house! Might make a good date night movie??

  15. Three Diet Cokes? I love that rating system. :)

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