The Kid Dictionary

The grand twins have always communicated in their own language.  Since they were tiny babies sitting in the bumbo chairs giggling and jabbering away at each other.  It has been fascinating to watch over the years.  Now that they are 3 and speaking in not only sentences but paragraphs and with emphasis and emotion they use their own language less.

Sometimes there is no other way to describe something kids say or do other than to make up a word of your own for it.  That’s exactly what author Eric Ruhalter did.

Couple of examples:

SPONGEBOGGED: Unable to record a movie because your DVR is filled with kid’s shows.

NOPEN: To witness your kid pulling the car door handle just as you’re trying to automatically unlock the doors, such that her door remains locked, forcing you to lock and unlock again (and repeat).

KINTERPRET: To feel compelled to repeat or translate everything your kids say when you talk to other grownups.

NAPFUSION: The dilemma of whether to wake a toddler who falls asleep at 4pm.

Have you ever run into any of these situations?  If you have a child I’m sure you have.

This book would make a great shower gift for first time parents.

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  1. Excellent examples, I like all those words.

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