Tumblr For Dummies

I recently recieved a bunch of “For Dummies” books to review.  One of them was the Tumblr For Dummies and I decided the best way to review it was to set up a Tumblr account and blog.

I am usually impressed by the For Dummies because because…well….I am a dummy when it comes to most things techy. Yes I write on this here blog almost everyday, but I pay someone else to do all the techy stuff because it usually leaves me in a ball of tears if I try it myself.

This book unfortunately didn’t help me much at all. Tumblr is fairly simple and straightforward to use. I was more confused when I tried to follow the directions in the book than when I just tried doing things on my own by clicking around.

Maybe someday I will share the Tumblr Blog with you, but for now it is my little secret.

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