Used is in the Eye of the Beholder

My car has died.  2001 Honda Accord (purchased new by Kathy) with 160,000 miles led a good life and may possibly be revived by someone with more money and patience than I am willing to give.  Godspeed.


Ok, technically it isn’t new.  It is a 2014 Chevy Captiva Sport LTX with 9,000 miles.  Since they are fleet and rental cars you can only buy them used.  So for the price of a “new” Basic model car I bought a slightly used LUXURY model.  Yup, this car has the works; Leather Heated seats, rain sense wipers, navigation system, reclinging rear seats (I KNOW!) etc.

I have been car shopping for a while and had planned on making a purchase decision after the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of this month.  But the death of the Accord pushed everything up.  I started vigorously looking for a used car and ended up finding a Tiguan at CarMax in San Diego.  With the clikc of a computer mouse and a reassurance from the sales rep Jenny, the Tiguan was on it’s way to me.  When the Accord died I had to rent a car.  I rented a Captiva and fell in love.  When I test drove the Tiguan it just didn’t fit.  I wasn’t as comfortable in it as I was in the Captiva and I knew I had to change my mind.  Feeling relaxed with Jenn, we talked about the beauty of St.Petersburg (she is from Moscow) and even though she had the Tiguan brought up from San Diego to Burbank for me to test drive, she in no way pressured me or made me feel bad for not choosing to buy it.

Both Marisa and Adam purchased cars from CarMax before but this was my first experience.  If I find myself in need again I will be sure to go back.  From the ease of browsing their lot (all cars are unlocked so you can climb in and around) without someone following you around or hounding you to take a test drive made this experience a smooth one for me.

Below is a slideshow of my new car.  Note the liscense plate.  Anyone recognize the letters?  Caitlyn did right away!

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  1. I think that makes it my car!

  2. Nice ride – congrats! And it’s good to hear about your experience with CarMax – we’re going to be looking for a used car for my oldest daughter and I had wondered what their service was like.

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