Watch Yourself

My sisters and I had an amazing weekend in Vegas for my birthday.  At my age I don’t expect gifts or parties, I just want a good time and that’s what I got.

IMG_3815When I got home I found a cute little box waiting for me.  I had been emailing with someone from Jord Watches before I left for Vegas but didn’t expect to find one waiting for me.

Jord is a locally owned St. Louis, Missouri company and they design/produce real wood watches from sustainable materials from all around the world.  They have concentrated on mostly male and unisex designs so far but they have several women’s series in the works.  When I checked out thier website I was dismayed to see none of their watches (not even the mens) would fit my large wrist.

I replied to the email stating my problem of being large boned and they immediately said no problem we will customize the watch to fit you.  How could I refuse?

IMG_3819Imagine my surprise when the watch arrived and it FIT!  I have a nine inch wrist.  I chose the Sidney Cherry with a Mother of Pearl face.  It is gorgeous.  My pictures do not do it justice.

As well as being a large women I am also a sensitive woman.  I breakout when I come in contact with almost everything.  I have to put nail polish on the arms of my glasses so I don’t have a rash on the side of my face all the time.

I wore the watch for an eight hour day at work and I had no reaction to any of the wood parts!  I left the clear pastic on the clasp and it did not bother me all day but the metal on the back of the face did start to irritate me near the end of the day.  Sigh.  I am sure I can counter it with nail polish.

IMG_3817Jord has so many different designs and choices there really is something for everyone.  The packaging makes it such a beautiful gift.

They have also partnered with Albert Pujols of the Angels, the Pujols Family Foundation is based out of St. Louis, and they partnered with them to create a custom watch. The wood that is used is Maple, which is what Albert uses for his bats, the face of the watch includes a baseball player with Albert’s classic swing and a red 5.  20% of each sale goes back for children with downs syndrome and the Dominican Republic.  You know I have to support something baseball related even if it is for the dreaded Angels!



These are the watches I referred to with much better pictures than I could ever take.


Disclosure: In case you’re dense and didn’t read, I received a free watch.  No one asked me to post a review, simply to post pictures to my social media outlets.  And if you believe for a minute that all thoughts are not my own, well then just click that little x in the corner.


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