What is the Metric Conversion of “Flash”?

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I have spoken freely here about my peri-menopause, and today will be no different.

Something about my local target store triggers a hot flash in my every time I am there.  You would think with 4 other Target’s in a 5 mile radius I would shop elsewhere but I like this store for it’s service and selection and parking.  And it is in the same “mini-mall” where we have Sunday Breakfast.

Again, today was no different.

Shopping with Marisa and the Grand Twins and I start sweating.  Marisa immediately says “it’s you”, but I already knew it was me, my ankles were sweating.  I keep on moving and thinking it will be over shortly it’s a hot “flash” after all.

An hour later we get into our separate cars and head back to my house.  Thankfully she stopped along the way and I had time to get home and jump in a cold shower.  Even that didn’t totally relive me, when I got out I put on some shorts and a loose t shirt and walked around outside (it was about 50 degrees out) hoping to just find some cooling relief.

This damn “flash” lasted over an hour and a half!  Wh

at part of that coincides with FLASH!?

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  1. Sorry ! You have to go through that

  2. Are you telling me my ankles are going to sweat? Is there no end to the indignities?

  3. I feel your pain – er, heat. Nothing like driving the kids to school in 49-degree weather and starting to sweat and being unable to do anything about it until I get them out of the car (which is when I throw open the windows until the “flash” finally ends). It’s a real nuisance.

  4. Wow, I am 37 and dreading it! I agree with you “flash” is definitely the wrong word! I bet it was a man who coined the term!

  5. I remember my mom going through this : ( I hope it passes soon….

  6. I’m not looking forward to this. Those “flashes” should be renamed to torture hours.

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