Who the Hell Puts Sunscreen on Their Son’s Penis?!


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A colleague of mine received a press release (pitch) this past week making her aware of the dangers of sunscreen.  Dangers of sunscreen are nothing new, people have been bitching about the chemicals of sunscreen for years and in their second breath they bitch about the effects of the sun.

But this one?  This one takes the cake!

These chemicals are also known as “gender-bending” chemicals.  The chemicals act like the female hormone estrogen and can be associated with serious medical problems like smaller penises in boys, loss of libido or breast development in men, early puberty in girls and uterine fibroid tumors.

Are you kidding me?

Uterine tumors?  Breast devlopment?Where was sunscreen when I was in middle school and a charter member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee?  Hell where is it now, I think I am going to run out and buy a couple of cases and rub them all over my chest!

Seriously people, calm the hell down.  EVERYTHING has something bad in it, otherwise it wouldn’t work!

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  1. Ashley Erikson says:

    I’d rather my son have all those problems that let him get skin cancer. Everything will change you or kill you these days…I’ll take change over kill any day…

  2. Heather says:

    Wow, Adrienne…I am dismayed at your post. Do you really think that the effects the press release is referring to are caused by direct topical application to the areas affected? The chemicals are absorbed through the skin (you know, the largest organ on the human body)…that would include arms, legs, face, neck, etc…the commonly exposed areas where the sun’s rays would have the most impact.
    The press release probably should have been more specific and urged folks to look into using natural mineral based sunscreen products as well as garments that protect the skin. Both of these alternatives offer protection from UVA and UVB rays, but do not have the negative side affects such as were mentioned in the press release.
    If you have not talked with a little girl that is confused and overwhelmed at starting her period at age 6 or with the 10 year old boy that has “boobs” and is made fun of on a daily basis, please realize that these things do happen. Perhaps I am just overly sensitive to this as I have talked with those children.
    Folks, please, protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Please also pay attention to the ingredients in your sun protection. There are products that work just as well as “regular” sunscreen without the side effects.

  3. NerdMom says:

    I think it just proves that how they decide what is press release worthy is what ilicites emotion and has nothing to do with need or fact.

  4. Many parents are still not insane about nudity, so allow their kids to be as free as they were born. Additionally, there are nudist families. Therefore it makes sense to apply sunscreen to your son’s penis or daughter’s vulva.

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