Why Do You Care?

Why do you care

  • which restroom anyone goes in?  Do you have segregated restrooms at home?  Is someone going to see something in a stall through a wall?  Ditch the urinals and make all restrooms unisex.
  • who anyone wants to marry? Are they asking to marry you? Worry about the sanctity of your own marriage.
  • who anyone wants to sleep with? Are they asking to sleep with you?  Are they sleeping with you part of the time?  Keep yourself and your partner happy.
  • what kind of pet someone has?  Are they living in your house?  Is it getting in to your yard? Take care of your animals.
  • what anyone does for a living? Are they paying your bills? Keep your self maintained.
  • what if any religion anyone practices? Are you happy with your beliefs? Let me be happy with mine.
  • what anyone wears? Are they wearing your clothes? If you didn’t give birth to them it isn’t any of your business.
  • how someone adorns their body? Are they forcing you to get a tattoo or a piercing? If it isn’t impaling you it shouldn’t involve you.

Seriously, folks, everyone needs to calm down and reexamine their own worth and beings and keep your hands and beliefs to yourself.


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