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Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys EdenFantasys contacted me again about writing a sponsored post for them and I realized I still had some gift certificate money from them.  When most people think of EdenFantasys they think automatically of sex toys, but I decided I wanted to look at some lingerie and see what their plus size selection was like.  I wasn’t necessarily looking for “sexy lingerie” like the banner stated, I just wanted something that I, as a large woman, would be comfortable in.  I am already sexy, I don’t need lingerie to prove it.

There is a large banner ad on the right sending you to their Plus Size Collection.  Unfortunately when I went to the pages for each piece of lingerie every single model was a size 2.  I clicked on “Plus Size” but the model stayed the same.  And the size?  Most of the sizes say “One Size Fits MOST” wtf?  I appreciate when manufacturers got rid of the One Size Fits ALL moniker but seriously One Size Fits Most is just as stupid.

Why would someone a size 2 wear the same thing as someone a size 22?  Below is a screen print of a page from the “Plus Size Lingerie”.  I selected “gowns” and “3X”.  This is a sampling of what showed up on the first page.

Look at the one on the top left, does that look like something that would fit both a 2 and a 22? And yet, it says One Size Fits Most.  Look at all the rest, I chose “3X” as my size and they are showing me items that range from XL to 2X, where are my 3X items?  Now, how about those models?  They are gorgeous of course but how can you advertise something for a 2X item on a size 2 model?

To be fair as I delved further in there were some models that were possibly in the double digits (no where near a 20anything tho).  I like this red one and will probably order it. Red is Taj’s favorite color after all.Thankfully they have a good return policy in case it doesn’t actually fit.

When I order I will definitely take advantage of the following specials!



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