Not So Wordless Wednesday – Ornamental – Crap It’s Tuesday!

I have been too busy to participate in these Memes as much as I would like, but figured since I suggested the theme for this week it would look really bad if I didn’t post something. I went to a holiday party put on by Fresh and Easy last week, and while I wasn’t in a very festive mood (work is rough, home life is sad, blah blah blah) I tried to liven myself up. ornIt only worked for a little while and I ended up leaving the party giving the excuse that work needed me. A few days later I was headed to an eighteenth birthday party at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.  Again trying to put myself in a party mood I put on my ornament “earrings” and headed in.  I had fun.  I let loose and (I think my first Diet Coke had something more than soda in it) had a good time, I think the earrings worked. At the end of the night, this fantabulous Drag Queen gushed over them and I took them right off and gave them to her. deragI am not Dumbo, I will not lose my power to have fun if I don’t have my magic earring. Trying to get myself in the spirit of Christmas. Trying to get myself unbogged down at work. Trying to get myself moved into a more welcoming environment.  Trying to……………………………………..

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  1. Wish I could have made it to the F&E party. Then you know you would have had fun.

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